Shopping Day

I have 5 minutes at the computer – I’m about to zonk out!  I’ve been going since 7am this morning, and could keep going if my ‘ole body would let me! There’s still plenty to do!

Today Tony and I farmed out the kids so we could go shopping.  We had the best time shopping for our boys.  It was good that I had some ideas – most worked and we are both pleased with what we purchased.  I still have a warm up outfit to complete for SW, but Sammy is done.  Still need stocking stuffers, but that will be a quick grab next Monday when Tony’s home with the kids.  By the time we got to Walmart, I was near brain-dead and had misplaced my list at Target. 

The kids had a great time today – Sammy at Auntie’s and SW at MeMe’s.  MeMe has a new dog – a 2 month old Schnauzer named Max.  He is adorable.  Sammy got to visit with him and take him on his leash when we picked up SW.  It is such a God thing that my mom and Auntie live a block from each other.  When I see God, I’m going to ask Him “How’d ya do that???”  True Blessing. 

I was saved this evening by a casserole and garlic bread Tony brought home from something the other day.  I threw a salad with it and we had full tummies.  Thank you, Father!  From my Mom’s neighbor, I also received a food box today that has EVERYTHING I need for a meal I’m making tomorrow – by everything, I mean a chicken (for my spinach chicken enchiladas) and dry pinto beans (for my refried beans without the refry).  I have everything else.  And I actually have those things as well, but I’m also making the same thing for Tony’s shift this weekend.  My box also contained flour and sugar, a loaf of bread, a large can of yams, and I think 2 oranges.  I told Mrs. Charlotte she was Jesus with skin on!

Sammy and I finally put the lights on the tree tonight – I was very tired and started off snippy, but after a quick heart-felt prayer to Father, I was ticking right along and enjoying the process.  The both love the lights – Sammy couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful they were and that I was the best light decorator, and SW was giving his approval with many beautiful toddlerisms.  Tomorrow evening we’ll pull out some ornaments.  I’m not going to beat myself up, but I really need to get started earlier next year…or so I think?  I’ve really tried to keep it easy around here.

Tomorrow is another busy day. 

  1. Clean out the fridge
  2. Hair cut at 10am
  3. volunteer for Sammy’s class from 11:30-12:30
  4. Run by Old Navy and Michaels (I hope to do this Tuesday)
  5. Pick up kids
  6. Pick up refurbished table and Ice (not refurbished..) in Kilgore (I’ve got gifts in the back of the suburban – how do I do this???  The table, that is.  I picked up ice today since I forgot Saturday.)
  7. Cook meal and take to my SIL in Tyler who’s having day knee surgery (I must start cooking before this point…).  Remember to take books purchased for her reading pleasure while off her feet!  (I wised up and just sent Tony and the boys out the door to deliver – I have a good hour at home alone and I’m about to take a nap!)
  8. What are we eating tomorrow night???  Feed my family (I still don’t know this – it will probably be sandwiches/leftovers/anything easy) (They did get to eat – whatever they could find!)
  9. Trim the tree (The kids and I finally finished tonight – I loved their excitement.  Every night we have to turn all the house lights off and sit and look at the tree together before bedtime.  Love those kids.)
  10. Finish bags of goodies to handout to folks at Crest Care and make Pumpkin Crunch for their staff (I really want us to do this, but I’m feeling pushed at the moment to bake.  Perhaps I’ll run and get SF candy instead?) (I was most disappointed I could not make this happen.  I cratered Thursday night and did the wisest thing I knew to do – we stayed in on Friday and went nowhere – even Sammy was happy to stay home!)

I’ve been here longer than 5 minutes – and now I’m a little sheepish about starting tom0rrow!  I’m off for a relaxing bath and short reading before bed – I’m going to need it!


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