Captured by God’s Love

Last Sunday my Sammy came home with this precious necklace (for me) that says “I Love Jesus.” It was meaningful to me not only because he gave it to me, but because of what it said and that he gave it to me. It is my heart’s desire that my love for Jesus comes through and that others feel that love, despite my many, many, many mistakes.

So this morning I was up early enough to have some (alone time) with God. Going to Him with a particular need, I said “Father, what are we going to do about that.” Immediately came to mind the verse “Let love and faithfulness never leave you. Bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.” (Prov. 3:3) I hugged that verse, if you know what I mean. I DID need to not allow love nor faithfulness leave me – and to put them around my neck (to be displayed through my actions/words) and write them on my heart (remember; cling to; inner determination and fortitude).

So this morning Sammy brings me my necklace. And my verse came to mind – as my necklace “I Love Jesus”, was now bound around my neck. Loved it.

God again loved on me through what I considered a miracle. I had dropped off (old) black and white negatives last Thursday at Walmart. They are of my grandparents and it was hard relinquishing them. At the last minute I said “Hey! Let’s put them on a CD!” Anyhow, long story short. They weren’t suppose to arrive until the 28th – thus delaying on of my mother’s gifts (gasp!). I did not know of such a delay when I dropped them off. I sent up a quick prayer, for He is in all things. I made a call – no luck. So I’ll have to wait and stick a note in a giftbox for my mom. He came through – with photos. Photos. Inconsequential, or seemingly in the scheme of life. But He did it for me and I KNOW He’s ecstatic over delighting me with this surprise! Photos. Part of me is perplexed by His care – but the other part of me totally gets it. He’s in charge. Even if that hadn’t come through early, He knows that I know He’s in charge. Grace. Pure Grace. And He knows that in light of His ability to pull off early delivered photos, He’s speaking volumes to me about the other things on my heart I want to give up hope on. So I’ll give those seemingly hopeless things/thoughts/desires to Him – and wait. Knowing He can and He will when it’s time. And even if He doesn’t, He knows I’ll still believe in Him, on Him, and proclaim His faithfulness to all generations.


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