Go Tell It on the Mountain

My Sammy rarely sings.  I don’t know what happened after the age of 2 when he would sweetly sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  During the holidays I like to break into “Go Tell It on A Mountain.”  Yesterday I finally got Sammy to sing along with me.  And then came his version “Go!  Tell it through the bat cave!” (to which I added) “Over the hill and down the road! Go!  Tell it through the bat cave, that Jesus Christ is born!”  The “bat cave” has (I don’t think) anything to do with batman.  He knows who batman is, but we don’t watch it.  But when we go to Kilgore the back way, it’s called the “bat cave” because on one stretch the trees are so beautifully canopied over it, it does kindof resemble a cave.  I love his version and creativity.  He also likes to sing “Jesus Christ is in the bat cave!”  Yes, Sammy, He is, because He is everywhere!


Speaking of batman, about a month ago we were in one of our local Goodwill stores; I was searching for some  jeans for Sammy.  But what we find are Superman and Batman, each $3.  We don’t buy toys often so this was a given to purchase.  While Tony and I were out shopping last week I see these two packaged together (the same exact toys) – they retail for $49.99!  I could not believe my eyes – in fact, I bent down to read the small print to make sure they were over the right price.  Yes.  What a bargain!  We would have NEVER purchased those for that amount.  I’m happy for Sammy he was able to have them for such a deal!


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