Sunday church

Since our new pastor has come in August 0f 2007, I don’t believe I’ve ever thought “is he on his last point yet?” – until today, that is.  Today was different.  Their was only childcare through 3 years old, so that meant Sammy was with me – and I didn’t remember that until this morning, so no prep time.  He’s been in Sunday night church with me, but that is less people and a more “relaxed” atmosphere, I guess.  I’m relaxed either way – so whatever. 

While pastor was praying at the beginning of service, we had just walked in, so we stood along the wall in the back during the prayer, and yes, I had my eyes open, scouting out a seat.  I saw a few – but then settled for a back row seat near the exit.  Smart, since eventually we had to leave twice; once for a quick talk and 2nd for a bathroom break.  What I also meant to include here was Pastor’s request that we ask to hear Father speak to us during this service.  I’m always ready for a word from Him, and even barely catching any point made, I did grab ahold of “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.”  I’m expecting Him to!  But really, as a Momma, that was encouraging, as sometimes I don’t think I’m doing so well with the Momma gig.

So after one of the worship songs (which is the song our worship leader usually prayes after), my son YELLS “stop that!  That’s too loud!”  Yes, I almost died.  But that would have left more of a problem.  So I sat him down to comfort him and ask him not to yell.   No doubt, their are some Sr. Adults close by who would echo the same sentiment, but in hushed tones!  It took me a few minutes to get over my embarassment, then realizing, I didn’t need to be embarassed.  This is life.  He also followed a prayer with a LOUD “AMEN!” at the end.  This is his favorite part of the prayer at the dinner table.  Truth be told, I held my breath after every song or prayer until it was over.  In fact, I asked Father to PLEASE pour out his grace upon us and I envisioned 2 huge pitchers being poured out over each of us! 

After a few other minor incidents, I took him outside and we had a chat.   He knew better on a few other things and I empathized with him that it was new and challenging, but I expected him to sit (and not lay in the middle of the isle) and be quiet (stop yawning outloud!).  His reward for trying harder would be….Skittles.  I was willing to do near anything to get us to the end.  I LOVE being in church and I wanted to have the grace and much needed patience to endure this challenge! 

A few other things he did were rather marvelous, as he completed two thoughts someone was speaking about – and it was because I’ve taught him these things at home.  One being that Christmas is about Jesus (sometimes he says God).  I can’t remember what the other was as I was trying to remember to breathe.

While praying about our building campaign commitment and after turning it in, I had asked Father to bless us abundantly spiritually before he chose to bless us financially.  And I meant it.  And it’s not the we couldn’t use the financial blessings, b/c we could.  But it means everything to me for us to spiritually get it, no only as individuals, but as a family.  But also as individuals.  A few nights ago I believe I saw the “first fruits” of Sammy “getting it.”  He was telling me about how the kids in his class at school say he’s mean (which, I rarely ever see meanness from him) – so I asked him “why?”  He said it was because he takes toys away (which he does have a problem with at home, taking toys away from SW).  I said “well, I can see why they might say that.”  And then he said “But Momma, I don’t want to do it, but I do it!  I don’t want to take toys away, but I do it anyway!”  WOW!  Isn’t that what Paul talks about (somewhere…) that he does what he doesn’t want to do and what he should do, he doesn’t!??  So I suggested to Sammy that we pray and ask Father to help him – and we did.  The next day he was in timeout (unusual) when I came to pick him up at MDO.  I got down on his level and asked him why and his  lip quivered when he said “Momma, I was taking toys away all day long!”  And then he broke down crying.  I was sad for him and he was disappointed in himself.  But he’s getting it. 

I see some other spiritual fruit coming down the road (what a visual!)…it’s going to be harder to spot my own, but that’s ok.  He won’t let me down!


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