Update: Putting a hold on wanting (purging)

Today I was without kids.  I try not to act like a mad woman and do a gazillion things that look like they need to get done, but never do.  So I opted for cleaning out the wing back chair in my office that was STACKED with STUFF. 

Today I was able to give away a few games to my neighbor, and posted several items on freecycle.  If they don’t get taken in the next few days, then they are taken somewhere…like, maybe the garbage??  Why is it so hard to throw things away?  I really do prefer to recycle.  And it seems like my local Goodwill stores have PLENTY to work with – or perhaps, at least go through to see what they can use and throw away.  And that’s just it – I’m not going to waste their time with stuff they can’t use either.  That is part of why I like freecycle.  Anyhow.  I did throw some things away today.  Always good for the kids to be gone when you start doing that…

And today my neighbor’s husband came and got a dresser with mirror that  I needed out of my space.  It was extra.  It did hold stuff (that need a new home, but I’m working through that…) I was going to sell the dresser, but sitting across from it (in my LR) last week, I remembered she had expressed interest in it and it dawned on me, I could GIVE it to her!  She is a SAHM like me, so I totally get receiving a gift from Father, which is what it was!  Enjoy, my friend!  It was through me, but it was FROM HIM!  Those are just the BEST gifts ever!

Tomorrow is bible study and I am behind!  Yikes!  I’ve been watching too much TV after kiddos have gone to bed.  Gotta get back to prioirities!


Words that begin with the letter “A”

I thought I would sum up my Tuesday in honor of reinforcing the letter “A” as Sammy and I do to work on his alphabet.

Apparent – It was apparent, as my two children RAN to the donut display case, that eating donuts out was indeed a treat.

Applied – Sammy applied for his library card today!

Aggravated – I was aggravated by my eldest’s meltdown in Sears over a toy. 

Affordable – I found an affordable long-sleeve polo for Tony today (seasonal shopping – cost me $8.11!) ; it’s brown and he liked it!

Annoyed – I continue to secretly be annoyed when folks ask “Are those your children?”  It’s my premature gray hair that’s certainly throwing them off!  Look at my face, people!  Do I look like a granny!!?  The McAlister’s waitress was simply too young to realize you don’t ask that.  If she’d caught me on a bloated day, she would have probably asked if I was pregnant! 

Always – 7 can soup is ALWAYS good on a cold day! (1 lb. beef and  chopped onion cooked in dutch oven, add 3 cans minestrone (campbell’s), 2 cans Ranch Style Beans (rinsed), 1 can Rotel, 1 can stewed tomatoes (I cut these up and Tony prefers to blend them in the blender), 1 soup can of water; let simmer for 15-30 min.  Top with cheese.  Good with tortilla chips or corn muffins.)

Adorable – When Tony got home, he picked up SW, who was so adorable as he welcomed daddy home.  He put Tony’s police hat on and wore it the rest of the night.

After – After the kids went to bed and I got my kitchen back in order, I went to a friends house and enjoyed visiting with her while our Mom-tired bodies relaxed in a hot tub!

Addicted – I’ve stayed up tooooo late these past few nights catching up on Jack Bauer’s new undercover antics.  I’m hopelessly addicted once again.

Alright – It’s alright that we were gone all day from home.  Looks like we’ll be banished to the house on Wednesday due to the weather.

The ring, please…

Seeing as I’m short on sleep, my tolerance level is a bit low, as well as my motivation.  While putting Sammy down for a nap and SW was crying in his bed (and didn’t want his door shut..what’s that about??), I’m thinkin’ “I could really use that ring that Frodo was trying to destory in Lord of the Rings.  I could just put it on and “poof” right out of here and return when all is quiet…and the chores are done…and the kitchen is clean…and the floor is swept.”  Oh, well.

Then I realized in a brief moment (after all was quiet) that I am WAY too hard on myself.  We’re ditching this place after nap time and taking a cruise to the Library for some different scenery!  Thanks to the crockpot for cooking our soup while we’re gone.   And a few blogs I’ve surfed today that have suggested great children’s books I knew nothing about!

And yes, it’s a hot cocoa kindof day, Sammy.

A forgotten addiction

Last night around 11pm I finally sat down to watch 24.  I’d recorded since the season began but was a little iffy about devoting 2 hours to a show (for the premiere episode) after not having “needed” it for what, a year, now?  And I’d only caught a little bit of the 2 hour special a week before. 

No doubt about it, I’m hooked again.  Because of several stops to do assundry things, I stopped at 1.5 hours and went to bed at 1:15am this morning.  That’s way past my bed time so I’m glad today is nap day around here! 

I can’t wait to finish the first and catch up!

Oh, and I must go back and catch Jean G. (I’ll butcher her name) scene where she’s anxious and about to hyperventilate over details about a tense situation!  And something else made me chuckle – not finished with my coffee so maybe I’ll remember later. 

Despite my ease of laughter, it’s true.  I’m re-addicted to a show where no smiles, laughs, or cracks a joke (that I know of..).  Well, actually, the new female president (ugh..) does let a little smile slide when asking questions…she must be from the South.

I don’t get it…

Here’s how this conversation went between me and husband. He’d received a call about an accident that had happened and told me the names of those involved.

Me – That name sounds familiar.

Him – His family owns (blank) business and is on (this) commercial. (He says it rather indignantly – like I should know this.)

So later while sweeping in the kitchen, I recall other conversations where he’s looking at me (rather indignantly) like I should know these things. I’m not hacked by this, but it reminds me how different we are and what information we hold onto.

Because I KNOW how my Sammy likes his sandwich – crust off, and “don’t cut it, Momma.” One of his favorite snacks is yogurt and “crunchy stuff” (pumpkin granola). He may want bubbles in his bath -may not, so I ask each time. He doesn’t mind gel in his hair, as long as he gets to do it. He doesn’t like to wear socks, and for the most part, I’ve given up the fight; he’d rather have cold feet. And many other things I can’t think of.

SW – he likes his hood on his head, and really, any hat or hoodie, even when he’s inside. When the shoes come off, so must the socks. He loves to read in Mom’s lap – when he’s ready to read. LOVES to eat soup – any kind will do. Doesn’t like bread so he doesnt’ get sandwiches.

There are things I know about my Love that I’ll not list, but I’m aware of his likes and dislikes!

This is a woman’s brain. She knows about her family’s favorite (and not-so-favorites), along with her friends.

My Mom’s birthday was Thursday and one of the things I’d purchased was 12 boxes of kleenex – ’cause we’d had a conversation one day about her using paper towels and not having any kleenex. I was so excited to be listening – and actually remember! (I did get her a few other things!).

I’m grateful for what my Love holds in his brain. And that my “holdings” are different.

However, he was quite surprised when he and the boys were watching a Rocky movie this afternoon. I hear Rocky say at the end of the show “We did it Adrian!” The next show begins with this last scene being repeated, but I could have sworn he said “I did it Adrian!”   And for the record, I was multi-tasking in the kitchen when I heard this.

The Stone Sunday Chronicles

This morning I was considering posting every Sunday after church, seemingly while the kids are watching Little Bear before nap time, or after I’ve put them down for a nap.  Sunday is my most favorite day of the week.  I whole-heartedly enjoy going to worship with my family, and then seeing my church family.  Praising Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; worshiping in spirit and in truth. 

I’ll confess, some Sundays it is challenging with two young children; lack of sleep if I’ve been up with SW during the night, etc.  I think even once I’ve said outloud “Now I understand why some find it hard to make the effort!”  Because some days, it is hard to make the effort.  But I’ve found the effort more than worth it – not only for myself, but it is a high priority and value of mine and Tony’s that our children come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord – and this begins with us.  And actually today we were on time and entered worship BEFORE the time of greeting!  (Last night Tony and I went over our plan, since I was tired of being late! )


There are times when I’ve walked into worship and after the whirlwind of the morning’s activities, I’ve sensed my Heavenly Father gently push my shoulders down, out from under my ears, and smooth out the tenseness from left to right.  And there are times like today, when I’ve sang a worship song to Him – and then stopped singing to deeply inhale His presence, knowing, sensing He is among us.  Joyfully glad to hear the praises of His people.  Makes me smile down deep to know I bring  Him joy.  His people bring Him joy.  He is ever-present and ever-near.  He is not only “up there” as I referred to His presence earlier in my walk,.  He is here.  With me.  Living in my heart through His Spirit.  Wow. 

This morning I was blessed to sing a song this morning, “Thank you, Lord”  This week our memory verse was Psalm 9:1 (NLT) “I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.”  Sammy would break out into thanksgiving prayer as he was trying to remember it.  Beautiful.  And although SW can’t repeat it back yet, I spoke it to him on many occassions, knowing the Holy Spirit would plant that in his heart.


Funny thing happened on the way to church -something Sammy said, but I can’t remember what it was!  But I CAN remember this conversation on the way home.  You know, how women often ask men, “So, what are  you thinking?”  And they respond, “Nothing.”  This, of course, seems foreign to the female psyche, and we think they surely must be lying!  How can you NOT think about anything?! 

So, from another story to be told later, we’ve sometimes called Tony “Silverback” (a large gorilla).  I was asking him how we came to know about the Silverback gorilla, and it was through a coworker of his.  He’d told Tony the head Silverback gorilla had died at the Ft. Worth zoo some time ago.  And my husband asks, “What do the zoo’s do with the animals when they die?  Do they just burry them?”  WOW!  I’ve never thought about that!  I gave him many cuddos for a brain-teaser of a thought!  (He didn’t think I was as funny as I was thinking I was…)  But then he breaks out into a story about being a Silverback, and how me, being domesticated and all (the only one in the bunch), didn’t know that she had married a Sliverback and would give birth to Neanderthalls!  So during lunch today, I deemed myself “Silverbackstress” after showing Sammy how to get to the good goo from dessert out of his bowl, and proceeded to run my finger along the bowl and lick it!  Yes!  It was GOOD!  Which leads us to…

Sunday Dinner

I LOVE a good Sunday dinner, so when Tony’s not working, that’s exactly what I like to put together.  Although I cook most nights of the week, this is my way of loving on my family.  I try to save the best for this day.  I put on my red apron and get to work – and sometimes Tony comes to help!   Or at least taste-test!  And now the boys play outside while I cook.  It’s good for my soul to do this for my family.

Crock-pot Roast – 3 lb roast, small bottle Steak Sauce, can mushroom soup, package of dried onion soup mix.  Place roast in crock pot (or roaster for the oven at 350), pour steak sauce over, sprinkle soup mix, and then dump mushroom soup on top.  After 4 hours at high, my roast was done. 
Mashed potatoes and summer squash with garlic salt, onions and butter.
Pre-packaged Ceasar Salad (per husband’s request)
Dinner rolls
No-Name (yet) dessert from my friend Terri – 1 brick cream cheese at room temp, 1 bottle/container of marshmellow cream, grapes (green or purple – I always like purple), chopped pecans.  Mix cream cheese and marshmellow cream, add grapes according to your liking – more grapes adds some bitterness and makes it less sweet, then add chopped pecans to your liking.  Fabulous!  It didn’t sound good to the husband, but he really liked it and the kids ate it up!
Now it’s naptime and after worship and Sunday dinner, I NEED a nap! 
Tony and the boys will be going to visit his folks after nap time and I’ll try to get some stuff done ….or not.  I at least have some things to prepare for and need some time to think ahead.  We will probably end the day with Sunday evening church.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the first edition of the Stone Sunday Chronicles!  Come back next week!

Putting a hold on wanting

I’ve noticed this problem lately in my mind (which leads to my actions) – I’ve been wanting stuff.  Different kinds of stuff; some of them expensive and some not so.  So I’m thinking “Am I really content with what I have” if I’m wanting this and that, giving too much thought to it, researching it in my spare (ha!) time?  Yea, that’s just not seeming right to me.  I am grateful for how God provides for us, but I need to be content with what I have.  So here a list of things I keep wanting…perhaps even think I’m needing.  Truth is, Father knows what I need and He provides.  Everything is His.  (This, of course, does not mean that I don’t have to spend money on these things, but sometimes He does “bequeth” them to us, if we allow Him.)

  1. Chiminea – I keep thinking I need this so I can enjoy my back patio on a cold day; roast marshmellows with the kids; enjoy a fire. 
  2. Jogging Stroller – my stroller is old and dirty; and certainly in my desire to get fit, I need one of these.  (I was actually suppose to pick one up from someone selling one for a 2nd time, until she informed me she’d sold it!)
  3. Hot Tub – my friend tells me I can enjoy hers (and I have on a few occassions!); this is certainl a high price item and it’s actually already off my list, but it had been on my mind!
  4. Leather ottoman – (this replaced the Norah Jones CD listed here first – that is no big deal!) to go with my wingback chair and #6.
  5. Outdoor swing
  6. Leather Couch (used, of course, to make sure we’d like a leather couch)
  7. Dining table – why do I think I need this??  I keep eyeing them in the Bargains Galore section.
  8. Laptop to replace desk computer. It’s been on my mind, might as well add it.
  9. Microwave.  Ours went out in September and I haven’t replaced.  I don’t really think I get to, but I sometimes seek them out.
  10. Upright Freezer – we do need this, but I’m leaving that to hubby.  That is, now that he understands we should pay for a used one from Bargains Galore and not $700 we DON’T have for this item.  I’d rather have a leather couch! (Love you, honey!)

So there we have it.  Ten items.  And this is the deal.  No more Bargains Galore looking for 30 days.  Yes, a 30 day fast from this section of the paper.  No more researching jogging strollers on ebay/craigslist, etc.  No garage sale looking for a leather couch listed.  No more hoping my neighbor who doesn’t seem to use her chiminea might get a whim to pass it on.  I’m doing fine without a microwave.  My dining table is just fine – it has simply lost it’s luster.  An upright freezer is needed, but right now, we’re ok.  I know better than to think we can afford a hot tub.  Maybe after the kids are in college? HA! 

Contentment.  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  There’s a scripture somewhere aroundabout like that.  Oh, and I desire godliness so that He is honored.  With His help, we’ll (me cooperating with Him) will put that “wanting” business in it’s place.  Even secret wanting is dishonoring – it has taken up too much brain thought and in my estimation is raising itself up above Him.  We just can’t have that.  And lovingly, HE won’t have that.

So in the mean time, I will devote myself to being content with what I have.  It is a learned process.  And it is a process.  So I’m thanking Father for this opportunity to learn contentment – again.  For a heart that looks into His face with gratitude for who He is to me, what I know of Him, and that through this process of contentment, I may know Him more in the midst of it. 

During these 30 days we will also begin to purge our home of stuff – unused, broken, bothersome, taking up space stuff.  I will turn loose of the all or nothing and seek to know where this stuff of His (since everything is His) must go.  But I will not obsess over “did I hear Him right” and just do it!  And in 30 days, my extra stuff will be gone.  Gone.  Bye-Bye.  New home for you.  No time for this clutter. 

This should be interesting.  I’ll post my results as time allows.