And the words keep coming…

My Sawyer Wayne, he is such a sweet child.  He is the quiet one in the bunch.  As a friend of mine described him – he holds his cards close!  But he is a hoot – very funny and loves to get a laugh.  His words seem to have come slower than Sammy’s and he has to be prompted to use his signs I’ve taught him or his words.  So when he adds a word to his vocabulary – we throw a party and get him to say it as often as possible! 

A few days ago he and Sammy were running down the hall – Sammy would say “Ready! Set! Go!” and they’d take off down the hall.  Finally you’d hear SW say “GO!” like a stacatto note!  It is so cute!!   Now sometimes he’ll just take off and say “GO!”  Today we were outside and his boots had fallen off while he was swinging so I sat him down to put them on. I speak words to him to get him to talk and today he said “Boots.”  I said “SW, you said Boots!  Yeah for you!”  he grinned big and I gave him a hi-five!  Sammy always joins in the celebration as well ‘Way to go SW for saying boots!”  And then, of course, when Dad gets home, we ask him to show off.  So we’ll say “SW, say boots!”  and SW says “Naw” – which, of course, means NO!  I was bragging about him saying “Go” to his MeMe on the phone the other day – and I love it how they get this grin when they know you’re talking about them – and it’s good!  HA!

Fun they are.  So blessed.  Today was a good day.  I don’t think I wanted to pull my graying hair out once.


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