And His response was…

My Heavenly Father is perhaps still giddy over my response to His response…since the boys are no longer in MDO, I am in bible study on Thursday mornings studying Esther (more about that later).   So last week was our 2nd week and when I dropped the boys off I was told that each week the boys could stay until 2 (instead of noon, with exception of the last Thursday, which would be extended session until 2pm).  But get this – my response was something like this, “Oh!  Ok.  Well, I didn’t plan for that this week, so we won’t stay late (we have that option).  And they may not stay late each week.  I’ll just decided on a weekly basis.”   Yes.  I can’t believe it myself that a) I didn’t jump through hoops for them to stay late and b) they may not stay late each week.  Who is this woman!???  That is simply a work of God – He offered the though for me to give up MDO so I could devote that money to our current building campaign; my response to Him – Father – you are faithful and you tell me you’ll provide for my needs, so I’m going to trust you; and His response to me – Viola!  You get a free day of MDO offered each Thursday while your in Bible study!  Not to mention the other “breathing room” He’s given me every-other-Wed. as my Auntie keeps my kids for a few hours so I can go write and on Saturday’s for the next 6 weeks, I’ll be at a yoga class!  Thank you!


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