I didn’t die today

What a title for a blog post! HA!  Well, it’s true.  I didn’t die today….when I chose to keep my 4 year old up during his nap time while my youngest took his nap.  He was a great helper as he did one of his chores and helped me clean out the fridge.  You know it’s time to clean out the fridge when you can no longer find a container for left-overs (and then it’s obvious you’re not eating those other things in the container either!).  He was so  happy helping his Momma.  Then we made a quick run to the store before dad had to leave with the car for teaching.  I gave him a quarter to get some gum and told him what a great job he’d done.  Now, I did keep him up for a selfish reason – I wanted him to go to sleep easily so a friend could come over and watch a movie!  And he did – down by 8:31pm; SW was still making his toddlerisms until about 9:30.  So if I take Sammy’s nap away, I’ll bump up SW’s nap time.  Wow.  No nap.  But the good thing is that while I was putting up groceries, he grabbed a book and settled on the couch for a bit.  I  chose caffeine to keep up with my crew, but I’ll need to rely more on water and Kyo Greens, which are better than extra diet coke/tea consumption!  We had a great reading time after SW got up (and woke up!) from his nap.  I think  I’ll need to include a 15 minute afternoon/before dinner prep walk to rev my energy level as well.

Tomorrow I get a few free hours at the coffee shop to write while my Auntie keeps the boys and then we get to have lunch with her.  I need to work on devotionals for children’s ministry teachers and then hope to do some other devotional writing to submit.  If I ever submit anything for publication it WILL be a miracle of God!  Well, and isn’t that what I’m looking for??!  May HE be seen!

I’m glad I didn’t die today without a nap (yes, I’ve normally napped for an hour while my kids were napping!).  I’m glad.  There’s much to enjoy!


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