A “Spit” of joy

I was just lamenting to the Lord while cleaning off my dirty table before my Mom and Auntie come over to go out to eat for Mom’s Birthday “Father, could I please exchange my woefulness over not having a babysitter for my yoga class tomorrow morning, angst about my eldest’s behavior, yucky nap time, husband tired, etc. for a spit of joy?” To which I laughed over “spit” instead of “spirit” since my mind got ahead of my tongue. Yes, may I have a spit of joy to replace my woefulness.

Then I looked outside for Sammy – and he was in this bentwood rocking chair kicked all the way back, relaxing. To which I gave a hearty laugh – well, at least a spit of a laugh.

And here I am. Prayer answered. Rather quickly. Hugs to you Father for your faithfulness.


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