Putting a hold on wanting

I’ve noticed this problem lately in my mind (which leads to my actions) – I’ve been wanting stuff.  Different kinds of stuff; some of them expensive and some not so.  So I’m thinking “Am I really content with what I have” if I’m wanting this and that, giving too much thought to it, researching it in my spare (ha!) time?  Yea, that’s just not seeming right to me.  I am grateful for how God provides for us, but I need to be content with what I have.  So here a list of things I keep wanting…perhaps even think I’m needing.  Truth is, Father knows what I need and He provides.  Everything is His.  (This, of course, does not mean that I don’t have to spend money on these things, but sometimes He does “bequeth” them to us, if we allow Him.)

  1. Chiminea – I keep thinking I need this so I can enjoy my back patio on a cold day; roast marshmellows with the kids; enjoy a fire. 
  2. Jogging Stroller – my stroller is old and dirty; and certainly in my desire to get fit, I need one of these.  (I was actually suppose to pick one up from someone selling one for a 2nd time, until she informed me she’d sold it!)
  3. Hot Tub – my friend tells me I can enjoy hers (and I have on a few occassions!); this is certainl a high price item and it’s actually already off my list, but it had been on my mind!
  4. Leather ottoman – (this replaced the Norah Jones CD listed here first – that is no big deal!) to go with my wingback chair and #6.
  5. Outdoor swing
  6. Leather Couch (used, of course, to make sure we’d like a leather couch)
  7. Dining table – why do I think I need this??  I keep eyeing them in the Bargains Galore section.
  8. Laptop to replace desk computer. It’s been on my mind, might as well add it.
  9. Microwave.  Ours went out in September and I haven’t replaced.  I don’t really think I get to, but I sometimes seek them out.
  10. Upright Freezer – we do need this, but I’m leaving that to hubby.  That is, now that he understands we should pay for a used one from Bargains Galore and not $700 we DON’T have for this item.  I’d rather have a leather couch! (Love you, honey!)

So there we have it.  Ten items.  And this is the deal.  No more Bargains Galore looking for 30 days.  Yes, a 30 day fast from this section of the paper.  No more researching jogging strollers on ebay/craigslist, etc.  No garage sale looking for a leather couch listed.  No more hoping my neighbor who doesn’t seem to use her chiminea might get a whim to pass it on.  I’m doing fine without a microwave.  My dining table is just fine – it has simply lost it’s luster.  An upright freezer is needed, but right now, we’re ok.  I know better than to think we can afford a hot tub.  Maybe after the kids are in college? HA! 

Contentment.  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  There’s a scripture somewhere aroundabout like that.  Oh, and I desire godliness so that He is honored.  With His help, we’ll (me cooperating with Him) will put that “wanting” business in it’s place.  Even secret wanting is dishonoring – it has taken up too much brain thought and in my estimation is raising itself up above Him.  We just can’t have that.  And lovingly, HE won’t have that.

So in the mean time, I will devote myself to being content with what I have.  It is a learned process.  And it is a process.  So I’m thanking Father for this opportunity to learn contentment – again.  For a heart that looks into His face with gratitude for who He is to me, what I know of Him, and that through this process of contentment, I may know Him more in the midst of it. 

During these 30 days we will also begin to purge our home of stuff – unused, broken, bothersome, taking up space stuff.  I will turn loose of the all or nothing and seek to know where this stuff of His (since everything is His) must go.  But I will not obsess over “did I hear Him right” and just do it!  And in 30 days, my extra stuff will be gone.  Gone.  Bye-Bye.  New home for you.  No time for this clutter. 

This should be interesting.  I’ll post my results as time allows.


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