I don’t get it…

Here’s how this conversation went between me and husband. He’d received a call about an accident that had happened and told me the names of those involved.

Me – That name sounds familiar.

Him – His family owns (blank) business and is on (this) commercial. (He says it rather indignantly – like I should know this.)

So later while sweeping in the kitchen, I recall other conversations where he’s looking at me (rather indignantly) like I should know these things. I’m not hacked by this, but it reminds me how different we are and what information we hold onto.

Because I KNOW how my Sammy likes his sandwich – crust off, and “don’t cut it, Momma.” One of his favorite snacks is yogurt and “crunchy stuff” (pumpkin granola). He may want bubbles in his bath -may not, so I ask each time. He doesn’t mind gel in his hair, as long as he gets to do it. He doesn’t like to wear socks, and for the most part, I’ve given up the fight; he’d rather have cold feet. And many other things I can’t think of.

SW – he likes his hood on his head, and really, any hat or hoodie, even when he’s inside. When the shoes come off, so must the socks. He loves to read in Mom’s lap – when he’s ready to read. LOVES to eat soup – any kind will do. Doesn’t like bread so he doesnt’ get sandwiches.

There are things I know about my Love that I’ll not list, but I’m aware of his likes and dislikes!

This is a woman’s brain. She knows about her family’s favorite (and not-so-favorites), along with her friends.

My Mom’s birthday was Thursday and one of the things I’d purchased was 12 boxes of kleenex – ’cause we’d had a conversation one day about her using paper towels and not having any kleenex. I was so excited to be listening – and actually remember! (I did get her a few other things!).

I’m grateful for what my Love holds in his brain. And that my “holdings” are different.

However, he was quite surprised when he and the boys were watching a Rocky movie this afternoon. I hear Rocky say at the end of the show “We did it Adrian!” The next show begins with this last scene being repeated, but I could have sworn he said “I did it Adrian!”   And for the record, I was multi-tasking in the kitchen when I heard this.


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