The Stone Sunday Chronicles

This morning I was considering posting every Sunday after church, seemingly while the kids are watching Little Bear before nap time, or after I’ve put them down for a nap.  Sunday is my most favorite day of the week.  I whole-heartedly enjoy going to worship with my family, and then seeing my church family.  Praising Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; worshiping in spirit and in truth. 

I’ll confess, some Sundays it is challenging with two young children; lack of sleep if I’ve been up with SW during the night, etc.  I think even once I’ve said outloud “Now I understand why some find it hard to make the effort!”  Because some days, it is hard to make the effort.  But I’ve found the effort more than worth it – not only for myself, but it is a high priority and value of mine and Tony’s that our children come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord – and this begins with us.  And actually today we were on time and entered worship BEFORE the time of greeting!  (Last night Tony and I went over our plan, since I was tired of being late! )


There are times when I’ve walked into worship and after the whirlwind of the morning’s activities, I’ve sensed my Heavenly Father gently push my shoulders down, out from under my ears, and smooth out the tenseness from left to right.  And there are times like today, when I’ve sang a worship song to Him – and then stopped singing to deeply inhale His presence, knowing, sensing He is among us.  Joyfully glad to hear the praises of His people.  Makes me smile down deep to know I bring  Him joy.  His people bring Him joy.  He is ever-present and ever-near.  He is not only “up there” as I referred to His presence earlier in my walk,.  He is here.  With me.  Living in my heart through His Spirit.  Wow. 

This morning I was blessed to sing a song this morning, “Thank you, Lord”  This week our memory verse was Psalm 9:1 (NLT) “I will thank you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done.”  Sammy would break out into thanksgiving prayer as he was trying to remember it.  Beautiful.  And although SW can’t repeat it back yet, I spoke it to him on many occassions, knowing the Holy Spirit would plant that in his heart.


Funny thing happened on the way to church -something Sammy said, but I can’t remember what it was!  But I CAN remember this conversation on the way home.  You know, how women often ask men, “So, what are  you thinking?”  And they respond, “Nothing.”  This, of course, seems foreign to the female psyche, and we think they surely must be lying!  How can you NOT think about anything?! 

So, from another story to be told later, we’ve sometimes called Tony “Silverback” (a large gorilla).  I was asking him how we came to know about the Silverback gorilla, and it was through a coworker of his.  He’d told Tony the head Silverback gorilla had died at the Ft. Worth zoo some time ago.  And my husband asks, “What do the zoo’s do with the animals when they die?  Do they just burry them?”  WOW!  I’ve never thought about that!  I gave him many cuddos for a brain-teaser of a thought!  (He didn’t think I was as funny as I was thinking I was…)  But then he breaks out into a story about being a Silverback, and how me, being domesticated and all (the only one in the bunch), didn’t know that she had married a Sliverback and would give birth to Neanderthalls!  So during lunch today, I deemed myself “Silverbackstress” after showing Sammy how to get to the good goo from dessert out of his bowl, and proceeded to run my finger along the bowl and lick it!  Yes!  It was GOOD!  Which leads us to…

Sunday Dinner

I LOVE a good Sunday dinner, so when Tony’s not working, that’s exactly what I like to put together.  Although I cook most nights of the week, this is my way of loving on my family.  I try to save the best for this day.  I put on my red apron and get to work – and sometimes Tony comes to help!   Or at least taste-test!  And now the boys play outside while I cook.  It’s good for my soul to do this for my family.

Crock-pot Roast – 3 lb roast, small bottle Steak Sauce, can mushroom soup, package of dried onion soup mix.  Place roast in crock pot (or roaster for the oven at 350), pour steak sauce over, sprinkle soup mix, and then dump mushroom soup on top.  After 4 hours at high, my roast was done. 
Mashed potatoes and summer squash with garlic salt, onions and butter.
Pre-packaged Ceasar Salad (per husband’s request)
Dinner rolls
No-Name (yet) dessert from my friend Terri – 1 brick cream cheese at room temp, 1 bottle/container of marshmellow cream, grapes (green or purple – I always like purple), chopped pecans.  Mix cream cheese and marshmellow cream, add grapes according to your liking – more grapes adds some bitterness and makes it less sweet, then add chopped pecans to your liking.  Fabulous!  It didn’t sound good to the husband, but he really liked it and the kids ate it up!
Now it’s naptime and after worship and Sunday dinner, I NEED a nap! 
Tony and the boys will be going to visit his folks after nap time and I’ll try to get some stuff done ….or not.  I at least have some things to prepare for and need some time to think ahead.  We will probably end the day with Sunday evening church.
I hope you’ve enjoyed the first edition of the Stone Sunday Chronicles!  Come back next week!

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