A forgotten addiction

Last night around 11pm I finally sat down to watch 24.  I’d recorded since the season began but was a little iffy about devoting 2 hours to a show (for the premiere episode) after not having “needed” it for what, a year, now?  And I’d only caught a little bit of the 2 hour special a week before. 

No doubt about it, I’m hooked again.  Because of several stops to do assundry things, I stopped at 1.5 hours and went to bed at 1:15am this morning.  That’s way past my bed time so I’m glad today is nap day around here! 

I can’t wait to finish the first and catch up!

Oh, and I must go back and catch Jean G. (I’ll butcher her name) scene where she’s anxious and about to hyperventilate over details about a tense situation!  And something else made me chuckle – not finished with my coffee so maybe I’ll remember later. 

Despite my ease of laughter, it’s true.  I’m re-addicted to a show where no smiles, laughs, or cracks a joke (that I know of..).  Well, actually, the new female president (ugh..) does let a little smile slide when asking questions…she must be from the South.


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