The ring, please…

Seeing as I’m short on sleep, my tolerance level is a bit low, as well as my motivation.  While putting Sammy down for a nap and SW was crying in his bed (and didn’t want his door shut..what’s that about??), I’m thinkin’ “I could really use that ring that Frodo was trying to destory in Lord of the Rings.  I could just put it on and “poof” right out of here and return when all is quiet…and the chores are done…and the kitchen is clean…and the floor is swept.”  Oh, well.

Then I realized in a brief moment (after all was quiet) that I am WAY too hard on myself.  We’re ditching this place after nap time and taking a cruise to the Library for some different scenery!  Thanks to the crockpot for cooking our soup while we’re gone.   And a few blogs I’ve surfed today that have suggested great children’s books I knew nothing about!

And yes, it’s a hot cocoa kindof day, Sammy.


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