Words that begin with the letter “A”

I thought I would sum up my Tuesday in honor of reinforcing the letter “A” as Sammy and I do to work on his alphabet.

Apparent – It was apparent, as my two children RAN to the donut display case, that eating donuts out was indeed a treat.

Applied – Sammy applied for his library card today!

Aggravated – I was aggravated by my eldest’s meltdown in Sears over a toy. 

Affordable – I found an affordable long-sleeve polo for Tony today (seasonal shopping – cost me $8.11!) ; it’s brown and he liked it!

Annoyed – I continue to secretly be annoyed when folks ask “Are those your children?”  It’s my premature gray hair that’s certainly throwing them off!  Look at my face, people!  Do I look like a granny!!?  The McAlister’s waitress was simply too young to realize you don’t ask that.  If she’d caught me on a bloated day, she would have probably asked if I was pregnant! 

Always – 7 can soup is ALWAYS good on a cold day! (1 lb. beef and  chopped onion cooked in dutch oven, add 3 cans minestrone (campbell’s), 2 cans Ranch Style Beans (rinsed), 1 can Rotel, 1 can stewed tomatoes (I cut these up and Tony prefers to blend them in the blender), 1 soup can of water; let simmer for 15-30 min.  Top with cheese.  Good with tortilla chips or corn muffins.)

Adorable – When Tony got home, he picked up SW, who was so adorable as he welcomed daddy home.  He put Tony’s police hat on and wore it the rest of the night.

After – After the kids went to bed and I got my kitchen back in order, I went to a friends house and enjoyed visiting with her while our Mom-tired bodies relaxed in a hot tub!

Addicted – I’ve stayed up tooooo late these past few nights catching up on Jack Bauer’s new undercover antics.  I’m hopelessly addicted once again.

Alright – It’s alright that we were gone all day from home.  Looks like we’ll be banished to the house on Wednesday due to the weather.


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