Update: Putting a hold on wanting (purging)

Today I was without kids.  I try not to act like a mad woman and do a gazillion things that look like they need to get done, but never do.  So I opted for cleaning out the wing back chair in my office that was STACKED with STUFF. 

Today I was able to give away a few games to my neighbor, and posted several items on freecycle.  If they don’t get taken in the next few days, then they are taken somewhere…like, maybe the garbage??  Why is it so hard to throw things away?  I really do prefer to recycle.  And it seems like my local Goodwill stores have PLENTY to work with – or perhaps, at least go through to see what they can use and throw away.  And that’s just it – I’m not going to waste their time with stuff they can’t use either.  That is part of why I like freecycle.  Anyhow.  I did throw some things away today.  Always good for the kids to be gone when you start doing that…

And today my neighbor’s husband came and got a dresser with mirror that  I needed out of my space.  It was extra.  It did hold stuff (that need a new home, but I’m working through that…) I was going to sell the dresser, but sitting across from it (in my LR) last week, I remembered she had expressed interest in it and it dawned on me, I could GIVE it to her!  She is a SAHM like me, so I totally get receiving a gift from Father, which is what it was!  Enjoy, my friend!  It was through me, but it was FROM HIM!  Those are just the BEST gifts ever!

Tomorrow is bible study and I am behind!  Yikes!  I’ve been watching too much TV after kiddos have gone to bed.  Gotta get back to prioirities!


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