Happy 2nd Birthday, Saw-Wayne

We’ve had some sweet moments together, my dear SW.   Time has flown by these past two years.  You are a beautiful, sweet, loving child and a delight to mother.  I can’t wait to see the man you become.  But I’m not in a hurry!  So I treasure each day with you, my little one.


Yippee for me

Today is yoga day – and my body is saying “Yippee for me!”  I’m sure my brain will feel the same way.  My exercise plan has fallen off the schedule – I don’t know how or why.  Try, try again. 

I’ll try to blog more relevant stuff later.  I’m still in a fog with only half a cup of coffee in me and the kids got up and went straight to cartoons…

Baby Spoons

I’ve found several good uses for those cushiony/insulated baby spoons that SW is past using. 

  1. Stirring my coffee.  I use liquid creamer so there’s no measuring.  This keeps my cereal/soup spoons clean for their use.
  2. Tony stripped one of the rubber and uses it to de-seed jalapeno’s for our popper recipe.  Which, by the way, or Valentine’s Dinner will be a grilled steak/baked potato or grilled corn/salad/poppers, dessert, of course!  What better way to celebrate than at home – Tony’s steaks are far better than any I’ve tasted and he gets ’em done just right…rib eye steaks from Skinner’s are the best.  Reminder:  find baby sitter for the kids!
  3. Making PB/J or Jam toast.  I purchased a wonderful 100% all natural jelly/preserve called Four Fruits – it’s an old french recipe (the word “French” always catches my eye and interests me).  It cost the cup of a latte and it is smaller…so using a small amount is quite cost effective.  I use a baby spoon to dole out this good stuff!

Well, that’s enough of nothing really.  I had to hop out of bed this AM and hit the floor running.  So this is my way of easing into the day with a cup of coffee.


Bummer.  We were hoping to get away this Sunday to Broken Bow in Oklahoma, but rain and thunderstorms are forecasted the entire time.  Blah.  I’ve tried to go in several different directions with no more than a 2 hour drive, but just not excited about any of those possibilites.  We really need to get away to do nothing.  I guess we’ll have to wait a few more weeks. 

I haven’t died again today – even though Sammy took an hour nap, Saw didn’t.  He hung out in his bed making toddlerisms and althought I laid down on the bed I couldn’t fall to sleep (b/c of the sweet/not-so-sweet todderlisms.  That’s two days in a row without a nap….and Tony teaching at night…I’m pooped!

I took the kids up to Tony’s class tonight – he likes to show his boys off.  Sammy was in rare form with a hoodie/sheriff’s belt and gun/makeshift walkie-talkie (from my last baby monitor).  CUTE!  He got to watch some students perform their field sobriety test and thought that was cool.  But what was REALLY neat was on the way to see daddy, I was a bit nauseated tired from more than 3 quick-fire questions, that I said “Let’s find some music.”  I found Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55!” and we jammed into Kilgore on that song – Sammy singing along in his make-shift walkie talkie.  Saw Wayne was passed out!  On the way home we went through the “bat cave” and I rolled his window down – he gets on his walkie-talkie calling his friend Josh to come help get the robbers of the train – Hurry! Josh!  You can use my bike!  I don’t mind.  Leave Ivy at home, she might get hurt!  Hurry!  Come quick, Josh!  We need you!

If I didn’t have kids I might get to sleep better…but I sure would miss some great times!  Thank you, Lord for my sweet babies!  And please!  Can I have a full-nights sleep????

The Stone Sunday Chronicles

Well, today we made it ALMOST on time to church.  I actually took time this morning to watch the video of my Beth Moore Study on Esther that I had missed a few weeks ago.  It was a great way to start out my Sunday hearing from God’s Word. 


Worship was great, but I missed singing since I was running behind.  I sat on the other side of the worship center to say hello to a few folks I needed to speak to.  We were blessed to have the Korean Children’s Choir and Dr. Billy Kim as our guests today.  The children sang beautifully and Dr. Kim’s message was inspiring.  The adult Korean’s sang during our time of giving and the women were dressed in their Kimono’s (sp??) – gorgeous.  Seeing Korean’s sing praise to God and testify about their faith in Jesus was a beautiful reminder that God’s message of redemption is for all people, Jews and Gentiles.  How grateful I am for His desire to save me from my sin!  He excludes no one from His gift of grace!


Today we are without Tony since it’s his weekend to work.   But since it is Super Bowl Sunday, there is no church tonight and we have opted to stay home instead of participate in social opportunities offered.  So I will be recording the game and we’ll have Tostados (fun food by my family’s definition) when Tony gets home.  I have found great tostados at the Granary, so that saves me time (and fat) from having to cook corn tortillas in oil.  They will be  yummy and we’ll have great family time together tonight.

Sunday Dinner

When Tony’s not home for lunch, I keep it simple!  So today was grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I had a turkey bacon sandwich and a small cup of soup.  Kids had their last cupcake!

Sammy and I have been working on our memory verse from Psalm 9:1.  He wanted to say it first today (without me saying it to remind him what it was! How great is that????).  So this week we are on to another verse  – I need to choose that today to be ready for breakfast tomorrow.  Several years ago I bought this cute little “thingy” – it looks like a flower (has a base) and it holds photos, like a paper clip (this probably doesn’t make sense…).  Anyhow, I’ve never used it to hold photos but realized it would be great to hold our index card with our memory verse at the table.  This helps us remember to go over it three times each meal.  I think it’s working!

Well, I”m off to read an interesting new blog I found (From my back yard) and then to nap!  The kids are already down! Yippeee!

Standing Scissors

This morning was my yoga class and I found myself in the standing scissor pose.  I actually enjoy this pose because it is a balance challenge.  And today my standing balance poses (I already forgot their names..) weren’t very good, which is unusual. So I reminded myself that I was practicing yoga.  That helped. 

This past week was very stressful, unbeknown to me.  It was actually very stressful for Tony as he had a great deal of responsibility preparing for a local firefighters funeral procession.  Two Kilgore firefighters died last Sunday during a training exercise.  Sad.  Just sad.   He had to go in on his days off to continue to put the process together.  Nacodoches and Lewisville firefighters came in to help assist.  Great group of folks and despite the grief, it was a good experience and Tony functions well in that environment.  But it’s been hard.  Hard.

I thought I was doing pretty well, until I started trying to figure out why I was snacking on anything that didn’t eat me first after everybody went to bed.  I’d stopped that habit sometime ago.  What’s the deal?  Well, by the 4th day (which was after the funeral procession we attended), it dawned on me – I was stressed.  I guess it was easy to hide it since the kids keep me busy.  And I was unconciously handling it with food.  Ugh.  So today in Yoga as I was in several twisting poses, I wrung out the fear – the fear of “what if” questions.  What if something happened to Tony?  And I’m sure there are more what if’s.  So I wrung them out – and let them fall to the floor, recognizing that whatever “what if” actually occured in my life that my Heavenly Father would be at the beginning, middle and end of the “what if” occuring. 

The “what if?” has happened to these two fireman’s families.  And He is in the middle of it all.

On a lighter note, I made cupcakes today with “Baker Sam.”  It can almost send me over the edge working with him in the kitchen – how do you control two hands that are not your own???  HA!  But is was fun and they were soooo good.  And more than it being fun, it makes Sammy happy when we work together on a “project.”  We made strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing.  Yum. Yum. Yum. is what Sawyer Wayne said.  They are even good without icing.

It’s late.  And I’m determined to get up early/on time so we won’t be late to church!