The Stone Sunday Chronicles

Well, today we made it ALMOST on time to church.  I actually took time this morning to watch the video of my Beth Moore Study on Esther that I had missed a few weeks ago.  It was a great way to start out my Sunday hearing from God’s Word. 


Worship was great, but I missed singing since I was running behind.  I sat on the other side of the worship center to say hello to a few folks I needed to speak to.  We were blessed to have the Korean Children’s Choir and Dr. Billy Kim as our guests today.  The children sang beautifully and Dr. Kim’s message was inspiring.  The adult Korean’s sang during our time of giving and the women were dressed in their Kimono’s (sp??) – gorgeous.  Seeing Korean’s sing praise to God and testify about their faith in Jesus was a beautiful reminder that God’s message of redemption is for all people, Jews and Gentiles.  How grateful I am for His desire to save me from my sin!  He excludes no one from His gift of grace!


Today we are without Tony since it’s his weekend to work.   But since it is Super Bowl Sunday, there is no church tonight and we have opted to stay home instead of participate in social opportunities offered.  So I will be recording the game and we’ll have Tostados (fun food by my family’s definition) when Tony gets home.  I have found great tostados at the Granary, so that saves me time (and fat) from having to cook corn tortillas in oil.  They will be  yummy and we’ll have great family time together tonight.

Sunday Dinner

When Tony’s not home for lunch, I keep it simple!  So today was grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I had a turkey bacon sandwich and a small cup of soup.  Kids had their last cupcake!

Sammy and I have been working on our memory verse from Psalm 9:1.  He wanted to say it first today (without me saying it to remind him what it was! How great is that????).  So this week we are on to another verse  – I need to choose that today to be ready for breakfast tomorrow.  Several years ago I bought this cute little “thingy” – it looks like a flower (has a base) and it holds photos, like a paper clip (this probably doesn’t make sense…).  Anyhow, I’ve never used it to hold photos but realized it would be great to hold our index card with our memory verse at the table.  This helps us remember to go over it three times each meal.  I think it’s working!

Well, I”m off to read an interesting new blog I found (From my back yard) and then to nap!  The kids are already down! Yippeee!


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