Bummer.  We were hoping to get away this Sunday to Broken Bow in Oklahoma, but rain and thunderstorms are forecasted the entire time.  Blah.  I’ve tried to go in several different directions with no more than a 2 hour drive, but just not excited about any of those possibilites.  We really need to get away to do nothing.  I guess we’ll have to wait a few more weeks. 

I haven’t died again today – even though Sammy took an hour nap, Saw didn’t.  He hung out in his bed making toddlerisms and althought I laid down on the bed I couldn’t fall to sleep (b/c of the sweet/not-so-sweet todderlisms.  That’s two days in a row without a nap….and Tony teaching at night…I’m pooped!

I took the kids up to Tony’s class tonight – he likes to show his boys off.  Sammy was in rare form with a hoodie/sheriff’s belt and gun/makeshift walkie-talkie (from my last baby monitor).  CUTE!  He got to watch some students perform their field sobriety test and thought that was cool.  But what was REALLY neat was on the way to see daddy, I was a bit nauseated tired from more than 3 quick-fire questions, that I said “Let’s find some music.”  I found Sammy Hagar’s “I can’t drive 55!” and we jammed into Kilgore on that song – Sammy singing along in his make-shift walkie talkie.  Saw Wayne was passed out!  On the way home we went through the “bat cave” and I rolled his window down – he gets on his walkie-talkie calling his friend Josh to come help get the robbers of the train – Hurry! Josh!  You can use my bike!  I don’t mind.  Leave Ivy at home, she might get hurt!  Hurry!  Come quick, Josh!  We need you!

If I didn’t have kids I might get to sleep better…but I sure would miss some great times!  Thank you, Lord for my sweet babies!  And please!  Can I have a full-nights sleep????


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