Baby Spoons

I’ve found several good uses for those cushiony/insulated baby spoons that SW is past using. 

  1. Stirring my coffee.  I use liquid creamer so there’s no measuring.  This keeps my cereal/soup spoons clean for their use.
  2. Tony stripped one of the rubber and uses it to de-seed jalapeno’s for our popper recipe.  Which, by the way, or Valentine’s Dinner will be a grilled steak/baked potato or grilled corn/salad/poppers, dessert, of course!  What better way to celebrate than at home – Tony’s steaks are far better than any I’ve tasted and he gets ’em done just right…rib eye steaks from Skinner’s are the best.  Reminder:  find baby sitter for the kids!
  3. Making PB/J or Jam toast.  I purchased a wonderful 100% all natural jelly/preserve called Four Fruits – it’s an old french recipe (the word “French” always catches my eye and interests me).  It cost the cup of a latte and it is smaller…so using a small amount is quite cost effective.  I use a baby spoon to dole out this good stuff!

Well, that’s enough of nothing really.  I had to hop out of bed this AM and hit the floor running.  So this is my way of easing into the day with a cup of coffee.


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