What? No chocolate?

There must be an upset somewhere. We did our usual shopping this morning and Sammy and I went through his usual bribe. If he did well and cooperated with Momma, he’d get a quarter for the gum machine when we left. I also made him my helper – which I NEVER do. He helped about 1/2 the time – that’s a groove I’ll need to get into. My buggy was loaded and was near having a flat – literally. When I would turn the corners, it felt like the left back side was about to go under. That REALLY would have freaked out dear SW. And surprisingly, my dear SW is the one who was cranky and fussy through Walmart. Very unusual. Sammy did beautifully. He said it was because he wanted to stop at the gum ball machine. He did so well, I got him a 2nd helping of bonz – the candy he likes (instead of gum). He thought that was wonderful. Saw got chicletes (sp?).

So, instead of spending $15 on chick-fil-a (which I don’t mind doing once a month), Sammy chose lunchables (which are a treat). So I chose chick-fil-a sandwhich and quick phone visit with my friend Michelle as I waited in the LONG line of cars.

When we were eating lunch, the kids were enjoying their chocolate piece of candy in their lunchable. I’m thinking to myself – “Did I not buy me anything sweet? Nope. Well, why not, self? Well, your mind was fine when you landed at the check-out line. And your mind was fine even in the check-out line.”

I just managed to make it through a walmart shopping trip without fending for chocolate and my drug-of-choice, diet coke! Miracles DO happen!


Reminding Myself

Some days just simply don’t start the way you intend. I got up around 6:30 and that’s when my SW started to stir (I had been putting him back in bed with me to fall asleep so he didn’t wake up Sammy.) After a few minutes, Sammy comes out their room, announcing he’s ready to get up. So there we all are – up early and a Momma who has not had her coffee.

My kids know the routine. Mom MUST have her coffee before anything else. And since they could not play quietly at my feet, they were sent to play in their room until I could down some coffee and read some scripture and utter a meaningful, albeit short and sweet, prayer or two.

We’ve been doing bible story time before any “show” comes on, but that didn’t go well, so they got sent back to their room to play until I cooked breakfast. My plan at breakfast time was to begin reading the book of John, which we read a short excerpt, but forgot to practice our scripture memory. Actually, Sammy has done so well, in a matter of a few short days of memorizing Mark 9:35, that I think w’ere going to go to the scripture for obeying your parents…

Our sheets are changed and clothes put away. I’ve read to SW and put him down for a short nap. He was a little reluctant, but after a few readings in his baby bible, some loving and rocking, he was not sad at all for me to lay him down in his crib – on his clean sheets. That must feel so good!

Sammy is out playing with Max. We are going to be dog sitting longer than I wanted. So I will pray for my attitude adjustment on that! I hear Sammy kicking something in the yard, and I’m trusting it’s not Max! They do have some good times together.

In my scripture reading this morning, I was meditating on Colossians 1:13 For he has rescued (me) from the dominion of darkness adn brought (me) into the kingdom of the Son he loves. In whom (I) have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. And 1:28 &29, We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this end I loabor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me.

I have much reason to rejoice – I’ve been redeemed and I can proclaim him who his faithful in all things, to my family and others.

Now I have a dog to discipline. And a snack to make.

Welcome Spring!~

I’ve got until Little Bear is over to blog, so here goes!

Welcome Spring!!  We have celebrated this wonderful weather by having a snow cone a few days ago and this morning we were able to return to our spring/summer/fall time ritual of me having my coffee and kids having breakfast outside on their picnic table.  That is, once I wiped off the polen…sigh…I’m thanking Father for His grander purpose for that yellow stuff that causes my Sammy to itch/swell/sneeze for several weeks at the beginning of spring.

Since last posting we’ve celebrated Saw’s birthday with a family fish and shrimp fry, took off for an overnight stay in Fort Worth – we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine, then spent the day at the FW zoo.  Magical time being away.  We will make it to Beaver’s Bend sometime.  Oh, which reminds me, we purchased a trip to Branson and I think we’ll be going there in the summer.  Last Saturday we found ourselves at a walking trail exploring and having a picnic lunch.  It was rather damp and cold, but we were glad to be outside after 3 days of constant rain.

My Mom broke her arm almost 2 weeks ago now and had to have surgery to reset it.  We have been dog sitting her schnauzer, Max, since then.  He’s been a wonderful gentleman, and a sweet reminder to me of why I’m glad we no longer have dogs!  He’s been happy to explore our back yard and has been very good with the kids, including our neighbor’s kids.  But I was glad when Mom said she thought she’d be ready to get him back after he cast is put on!  Whew!

I have deeper thoughts to share, but will wait until later.  Today is yard clean-up and we need to pick up toys and sticks so Tony can mow.  And he requested lunch ready when he arrived back from working the bank – “Yes, Sir!” was my response!  That was an easy submission – not all come that way:)

I hope to share photos later of our recent explorations!  Happy Day!