What? No chocolate?

There must be an upset somewhere. We did our usual shopping this morning and Sammy and I went through his usual bribe. If he did well and cooperated with Momma, he’d get a quarter for the gum machine when we left. I also made him my helper – which I NEVER do. He helped about 1/2 the time – that’s a groove I’ll need to get into. My buggy was loaded and was near having a flat – literally. When I would turn the corners, it felt like the left back side was about to go under. That REALLY would have freaked out dear SW. And surprisingly, my dear SW is the one who was cranky and fussy through Walmart. Very unusual. Sammy did beautifully. He said it was because he wanted to stop at the gum ball machine. He did so well, I got him a 2nd helping of bonz – the candy he likes (instead of gum). He thought that was wonderful. Saw got chicletes (sp?).

So, instead of spending $15 on chick-fil-a (which I don’t mind doing once a month), Sammy chose lunchables (which are a treat). So I chose chick-fil-a sandwhich and quick phone visit with my friend Michelle as I waited in the LONG line of cars.

When we were eating lunch, the kids were enjoying their chocolate piece of candy in their lunchable. I’m thinking to myself – “Did I not buy me anything sweet? Nope. Well, why not, self? Well, your mind was fine when you landed at the check-out line. And your mind was fine even in the check-out line.”

I just managed to make it through a walmart shopping trip without fending for chocolate and my drug-of-choice, diet coke! Miracles DO happen!


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