What caused me to spring out of bed

Hearing the garbage truck at 7:40am this morning, and knowing I had not set the garbage can to the curb last night, and remembering that I had missed the 7am garbage call LAST week.  This was the reason I sprang out of bed this morning.  And I don’t spring well.  

Come to find out, it was my neighbor’s garbage “call” across the street – who has a different one than me.  Sigh. 

So after springing out of bed so quickly, I decided not to do much of anything today.  Other than watch my children play while setting on my swing, take 2 walks today (one with MeMe, my mother, on a walking trail the boys could explore – and she kindly had us 3 over for pizza tonight). 

So now I’m up way past my bed time b/c I’ve finished part of the process of making my first tvorg (farmers cheese).  I don’t think it curdled enough…we shall see.  And have a load of clothes on to wash. 

I don’t think I’ll be doing much tomorrow, either!