All things that begin with “S”

Sammy and I are working on the letter “S” – it’s sound, words that begin with it, end with it, and writing it.  So it seems appropriate that I would blog about such things in my small world.

  1. Survived – we did.  Tony was gone 3 weeks for training in Dallas and home on the weekends.  Our Heavenly Father did provide for us in many ways, but we are GLAD it is over!
  2. Snakes – we took a stroll the other evening (endorphins are soooo great!) and found 2 dead snakes.  We took a good look at them so we could check them out on the internet.  Definately 1 copperhead and we think the other was a rat snake.
  3. Squirrel – I think they are my most favorite animal.   We were freecycled a big bag of small pecans.  I thought the kids and I would enjoy cracking the, but they were a bit of a chore since they were small.  So we threw them in an empty flower pot on the porch and  have enjoyed watching the squirrels come by, eat and burry.  We also saw a dead squirrel on our walk – I passed on checking him out.  Sammy was quite enthralled. 

Today on our trip to Lindale for organic produce co-op we discovered some more words that begin with “S.”  It is fun learning with Sammy – and then to hear Saw Wayne start enjoying phonics without knowing what they are!

Ah.  Good to blog.  Missed being here.  Haven’t even read much blogs recently.  I did enjoy reading Angels and Demons and am looking forward to a date night this weekend to go see it! 

That’s all from my corner of the world!