Ruthless but worth it

I can actually sit in my office and think – without the energy-draining, trip-over-something stuff that’s been a part of our office for some time.  Thanks to two friends from our Mother’s League, I can breathe in this room.  Our service project for May was to submit something we needed help with – and another member would offer to help with it.  Mine was organizing my office.  And I have good reason to – we are hosting a Pump Jack Baseball player this summer.  Bless him.  I’m already praying God would provide the right person for our home.  So my office is now being turned into a guest room.  Many changes still to be made, but a lot was accomplished today.  I dropped off at Goodwill this afternoon and will make a stop at my fav used book store tomorrow and children’s consignment shop with toys.  Otherwise, there are at least 3 – 4 LARGE bags of garbage.  Garbage.   Why is it so hard to throw things away?  Well, now I’m motivated – and I’m about to pitch my desk name plate, as well as Tony’s Sgt. name plate in the trash.  I know who I am – the kids know who I am.  There is no longer a need for a desk name plate.  And he’s been promoted to Lt. and later Captain.  Pitch it.  I still need to cull through some MORE books – I’ve done this once, twice.  Guess the 3rd time will be the charm.  I like books. 

This past week I was busy getting the office to a place that we could actually work in.  I also was consigning toys and putting away Fall clothes for consignment.  I managed to get these things out of our bedroom and to the proper place.  Few things need to go in the attic.

Now if I can find that persnickty tool to take the baby bed down and figure out what to unscrew on the glider, I’ll have that done.  Last week was definately “too much TV” week for my kids.  I hate that.  But it’s not how we normally function and we did take time to go have some fun at the spray park.

Tomorrow I turn 42 – wow.  Half-way to 84.  I think I’ll treat me and the kids to IHOP and then mom is bringing over Bodacious for dinner. That will be nice.  Nothing like celebrating your birthday with family – and my Mom, the one who helped give me life!