Finding our happy face

Reading through my post on discovering the letter “S”, it reminded me of a cute Sammy story. 

It was last week sometime and he was having an attitude problem.  I think he’d already had to run laps that morning, probably for a bad attitude about chores.  Anyhow.  Whatever it was, I told him he might want to find his “happy face.”   And since my smile had left me because of his behavior, he thought I might need to find mine, too!

So when he woke up from his nap, he said “Guess what, Mom?  I found my happy face!  Know where it was?  On the snake down the road!  I did!  I went for a walk all by myself while you and Saw Wayne napped, and I found it!”  Died laughing, I did!  So I came back at him with, “Well guess what Sammy?  My happy face was on the squirrel!!!”  (See previous post to understand the humor!)

Yesterday when we were driving through the cave with the windows rolled down, he said “Momma!  I found me some joy!”  He makes my eyes cross sometimes, but I love that kid!


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