Kerthunk, and other such things

There are few things I watch on TV throughout the week.  Who has time when you’ve got 2 kiddos?  So for me, the TV is low, oh, so low on the priority scale.  I used to be a TODAY show fan (in the days of Katie Curic) – gave that up 4 years ago.  And probably about a year or two ago I gave up watching the 5:30 world news. 

But I am an American Idol fan.  Except I don’t vote.  So I guess it doesn’t matter to me that much!  Yet, “Kerthunk” was my response when the winner was announced tonight.  I could.not.believe. Adam did not win.  Could. Not.  Kerthunk.  Big let down.  I don’t care how nice that Kris fella is – hands down, Adam is a better vocalist.  Bummer.

 This week seems to have been a busy week.  Tomorrow we will be home except for a playdate at the Spray Park here in town.  It looks like Friday we’ll be gardening at a ML friend’s home – several of us are planting this and that in her garden.  I’m enjoying our organic produce, but would like to learn and teach my children the art of gardening.  Saturday we are celebrating mine and Dad Stone’s birthday by eating lunch out.

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a breeze turning 42 🙂  Had a leisurely breakfast at IHOP with my boys, then we ran a few “stop and drop/pick-up” errands.  After nap time Sammy, Saw Wayne and I made strawberry cupcakes.  Sw actually got to help out this time.  I really love baking with my boys – but I do need to learn to chill out a bit more!  My mom came over and brought us BBQ and the kids lunchables.  Then I put the cupcakes in a heart shaped pan and put candles in them – Sammy began singing so sweetly all by himself the Happy Birthday song.  They were so sweet to me all day – loving on me.  Saw Wayne, my quiet one, would just come lean his head on me, pat or rub my arm – his way of telling me he loves me.  My Love wrote a sweet card from him and the boys.  And I get to pick out a new camp chair – love those camp chairs.

Several years ago (probably about 8 or so, now), I began to experience “Happy Birthday” gifts from my Heavenly Father.  I’ll never forget the first one – it was on a Sunday morning and I was in Sunday school.  A friend was teaching in Genesis and how they enjoyed the fellowship of God in the Garden.  And how God enjoyed them.  And I got it.  God enjoys me – walking and talking with me.  I truely got it – and received it. 

Ever since then, I’ve looked for Him on my birthday.  A few years ago I thought He didn’t “show up” and was disappointed….until I realized He had shown up in a unique way.  What I remember yesterday in that morning stage of trying to wake up, but not wanting to was that God is GLAD that He made me.  GLAD.  G.L.A.D.  SO GLAD.  He takes great delight in  His creation.  I was grateful for that.  And then He showed up again.  This time to confirm a promise He’d given years ago.  He’s so funny.  I journaled about this personal matter in my journal – part of me wanted to think what I experienced was mere coincidence.  But He wouldn’t have it.  No.  So all I can say is He is faithful – and He will do it.