Celebrating Memorial Day

Yesterday my Sammy kept asking about the soldiers and so Tony begins to explain about those who died so we could live in a free country.  It has sparked many questions with in-depth answers, so I decided to stick with the basics – we live in a free country and people fought and died so we could have that freedom. 

We began our day earlier than usual, which is fine, because I’m in serious need of an exercising body!  So after breakfast we headed to the track for some vigorous walking and bleachers.  Saw was excited when he was finally set free from the jogging stroller to do the bleachers with us and walk around for the cool down. 

So Sammy’s interest in our military lead us to our county’s Memorial Day service at the courthouse afterwards.  It was a wonderful opportunity for us to experience together the flag presentation, the many folks around us who had served our country, a bag pipe player, and the 21 gun salute.  Sammy’s least favorite was the music – which is Saw Wayne’s favorite!  We were even blessed with a Johnny on the Spot! 

We would have feasted at a local outdoor hotdog stand, but it was closed for the weekend.  So we settled for Sonic hot dogs and took the to the Penick Park – that we only had to share with 3 other people!  I was shocked!  Sammy’s request for this park certainly must have been Father’s intervention as I was headed for the crowded Gladewater Park.  We enjoyed our lunch and the cool breeze and shade of the park. 

 I am pooped whenever we don’t get to take a nap – it’s like I hit a wall around 3pm that says “Cannot get past!!”  Unfortunately if I’m not granted some quiet and stillness, I can get rather fussy!  Yuck!  Fortunately Tony intervened (after some coaxing!  He’d been fishing all day and pooped  himself), and he went to get the motor to a water slide some friends had given us.  So this provided some much needed relief to a tired Mom as I had some quiet moments to myself in the kitchen cooking vegetable quesadillas.   This weekend I have almost jumped through hoops to keep from any complex cooking.  I even fed my family sandwiches for Sunday dinner – but they were loaded with veggies, along with a fresh fruit salad, chips and pickles.   Maybe it’s the heat?

So now my kids are in bed and perhaps I’ll end up there before 10pm, which would be unusually early!   The kids are off to Auntie’s tomorrow so I’ve cancelled my organizational help and will either spend some quiet time at home or run some errands alone.  Then I have to head out to Lindale for produce pick-up.  Which reminds me, I may can catch a yoga class on the way in!  Wouldn’t that be splendid?


Family, Fresh Eggs & Buster

This weekend was relaxing…that I can remember! HA! 

I’m still in the deep purging/flinging/freecycling/goodwilling effort to get our office-turned-guest room ready for NEXT MONDAY!  Yes!  June 1 our Pumpjacks Baseball player will be here!  Our whole house is excited, despite the mass effort it is taking.  It reminds me that I respond well under time-pressure and will get it done.  

I’m TRYING to have fun in the midst of the time cruch!  Today the boys helped me put a huge container of pennies into their savings jugs.  Sammy thought it was the best game ever!  So I would consider that a score for Mom in the fun department!

This weekend we met with Tony’s family to celebrate mine and Dad Stone’s birthday (83!).  The boys did great at Ryan’s and Sammy actually didn’t touch anything on the buffet!  Yeah for him!   This is the child that feels compelled to pick up the vegetable sprayer at Walmart….

This week was shopping week and I have started buying farm fresh eggs again.  They just can’t be beat (no pun intended :)) and the “Egg lady” is actually a member of our church!  She laughed when I told her she’s in my cell phone as “Eggs”.  Don’t these look great?  

Farm Fresh Eggs from White Oak
Farm Fresh Eggs from White Oak

It seems to me I’ve been a bit ADD with this purging stuff.  So when I looked out my kitchen window and realized my bird feeder was rotting and missing a few places, AND that I hadn’t fed the birds in MANY months, I told him he could toss the feeder and pull up the post.   Here’s a photo of the kids helping.  The hole it left has become quite interesting to them!  And Tony is quite glad to not have to mow around it!  Don’t worry, birds!  We’ll find another spot to feed you from some time later!

Boys helping Dad pull up a post!
Boys helping Dad pull up a post!

So as I was playing with the boys, we came across Buster.  And Sammy sent him sailing through the air…and this is where he landed. 

Buster on the roof
Buster on the roof

Sammy chose Buster as one of his reward toys.  I couldn’t allow myself to let him choose the snake, but I was ok with this lizardy thing.  The name Buster came from a dog they were able to enjoy at a ML friend’s daughter’s BD party.  Probably about 3 weeks ago I came across Buster…as I was pulling a puzzle box down from a perch.  I was just a little jumpy at the sight of him, not knowing he was “hiding” up there.  That day I won the “Best Mom Award” for finding Sammy’s fav toy.  A few days ago as I was washing dishes, I wondered what this “thing” was in our yard….and then realized it was Buster.  It looks like he weathered the rain last night fairly well.  I love having boys!