The mass exodus

I thought the “mass exodus” sounded like a great way to describe the continued flinging and purging of stuff going out of my home to get ready for our baseball player. 

The corner computer desk and lateral filing credenza – gone.  Cute bookshelf that sits atop 3 drawers – moved to corner of living room – cute!  My writing desk (from my Mom, made for her by her grandfather – pics to follow) – moved to the living room next to the TV armoir.  Looks great.  Especially with my fav blue/white lamp and my NEW laptop on it!  And all the junk off of it!  6 foot bookshelf – moved to living room (it will return to the room after bbp departs) – works.  This has all-thing-kids on it, books, playdoo, chalk, games, more books. 

The queen size bed is now in.  I dumped Saw’s clothes out of my grandmother’s dresser and he’ll have 1/2 the drawers under Sam’s captain’s bed.  This might be a good way to teach him to pick out his shorts/shirts.  Today all books in kids room went into a box for me to sort through (again!) and leave some out and store some under the captain’s bed, hopefully in an orderly fashion.  I saw a short shelf item at Hope’s Closet I kept looking at – now I know that I needed it! 

This afternoon Tony is having his Lt. badge pinned on him by ME!  The kids and I are swinging by Walmart to pick up a congratulations cake.  This evening we’ll attend his retiring boss’s party at Bodacious (sweet!). 

Whew!  I’m pooped!  I’ve had a 30 minute nap while putting the kids down and now it’s off to the showers. 

I’ve been concerned as the pressure is on and I keep working towards this mass exodus, that I’ve been mean/grumpy/fussy/unfair.  Sammy wasn’t kind to me and Saw yesterday on several occassions, so I took away our playtime at the spraypark this AM with his friend.  I’ve made him work alongside me this morning and when his attitude has not be right or he has not cooperated, he’s had to run laps.  So later I hugged him and told him I was sorry if mom was mean/grumpy/fussy (I didn’t offer him “unfair” as no use to give him further amunition!) – and he said “Mom, when have you been grumpy/mean/fussy?”  Really?  Whew!  I realized I was being to hard on myself.  He gave me a great big  hug and said I was the best mom ever.  Now that will keep me going!