Saw Wayne’s new friend

Well, today we finished last minute preparations for our baseball player’s room.  I am pooped, but have taken some before (actually, mid-way) and after photos that I hope to post tomorrow.  Amazing.  And the view!  I have rarely looked out the window of our 3rd bedroom; it looks over the middle of our backyard.  But what a beautiful scene it was today.  And the room has the least amount of furniture in it.  There’s still a few things that don’t have a place, but I’ll continue to work on that throughout the week.  And my Auntie called to offer to keep the kids Thursday – so perhaps I can now go see Angels and Demons!  Whooo-hoooo!

Tony went to the host family meeting without us since the boys have both been snotting the past 4 days.  This also allowed me to have a good dinner ready, since our player did not get fed at his 5pm meeting (gasp!).  So me and the boys were waiting on the front porch for their arrival.  Sammy took a turn and hid out for a while.  Saw Wayne, my child that warms up to few folks, has found his new best friend.  I could barely pull him away tonight from our player – who now has a name.  Chad.  He is from Oklahoma and attends college in Louisianna.  Pleasant and polite young man – and he likes kids.  This is so helpful!  And he likes to fish and eat fish.  I think he was made for our family!  I have trusted Father to place us with the right person.  And today I realized (duh?) that he had a momma, who just might be praying as well, that her son is well-taken care of.  We intend to do just that.

So, he is finally here!  I believe the hard work and prep was all worth it.  We are looking forward to his first game on Friday night and the fireworks – and we’ll be enjoying our box seats!