Viola – from office, aka dumping ground to guest bedroom

Well, here it is – the mid-way flinging/purging/goodwilling/freecycling effort in our 15 year old office/dumping ground

Before - office and "dumping ground" for 15 years
Before - office and "dumping ground" for 15 years

To the guest bedroom for the next 2 months for our East Texas PumpJacks baseball player – Chad Keefer, #34.  Which speaking of, they won their first game tonight!  Way to go! 

Viola - spare bedroom
Viola - spare bedroom

This took a good two weeks of constant effort. Constant.  Every day.   Funny thing is, cleaning out this room helped me shed a few other “hot spots” (as the FlyLady would say) around the house.  For several years I’ve been bummed about this room – we’d clean it up/out and it would go back right to where it was.  In fact, when my friend, Michelle, saw it, there was a place to walk from the door to the computer.  I’ve had many a conversation with my Heavenly Father about when were we (meaning He and I) going to get rid of this crap.  And the day couldn’t come soon enough – it just didn’t come as I thought it would/should/could.   It was my beloved husband’s idea to host a player – so trusting my God-given “umbrella” I helped make it happen (for there was no other place to put the boy).  So essentially, Father blessed me with an opportunity to get rid of the crap, and in turn, for it to bless someone else (the crap that left, and the room it made).  So like Him.

Many thanks to my “ruthless” Mother’s League friends, Sarah and Faydra, for helping me accomplish a great deal in 2 1/2 hours – their help organizing non-crap things was inspiring and motivating!


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