On with the letter “A” and a dead mouse

Why is it that we seem to continue to find dead things?  This morning I got us ready to wash our car in the front yard (a first for me and the boys) and what does Sammy find?  A dead little field mouse.  I’m guessing one of our neighborhood cats left it behind.  I have never seen two boys squat and study so seriously.  While I continue to tell them “Don’t touch!”  So Sammy goes and puts his winter glove on “Mom, don’t worry!  I won’t get hurt!”  “No, really!  That’s nasty!  Please don’t touch!”  So I went and got the shovel and we gently dumped him across the street into the field….

We are studying the letter “A” for however long.  So during our reading yesterday, I found a character trait study on “Attentiveness.”   Brilliant.  I read all 4 and Sammy even asked for me to read them again that afternoon.  He’s in great need of developing that…and I love the definition it gave – Listening with your eyes, ears and heart.  He has had several opportunities to repeat that back to me today. 

Our pastor is teaching on Psalm 23 these next however many weeks, so I’ve started Sammy and I on memorizing it.  We are on verse one this week.  “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall lack nothing.”  So since I seem to be having some sleep issues as of late, I’m going to thank Him that I shall not lack the proper rest I need. 

Sammy is off at his MeMe’s overnight.  Chad came in early from a rained-0ut game in Coppell.  Tony got home just as it began to storm.  Saw Wayne refused to sleep in his room without Sam so he went to bed with Dad.  Chad went to finish reading Angels and Demons.    I’ve been up watching He’s Just Not That In To You and hope to blog about what Father is saying to me about how He feels about me (and  His creation).  I’ve done my research on an item I need to shop for tomorrow.  So I think now I’ll brush my teeth and know I will fall to sleep immediately.  May I joyfully wake up in the morning without counting the hours of sleep I HAVEN”T had.


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