A good reason to visit Nacogdoches

I finally was given a great reason to head down to Nacogdoches, Texas – The Texas Blueberry Festival!  Me and the kids, along with my Mom, loaded up this morning and headed South.  My first stop (after 2 potty breaks for Sammy!) was the Sunshine Mart (hoping for a potty break myself).  This was where my college friend, Tracie and I, would purchase our fountain drinks and toodle-do around town.  No potty break there as their toilet was stopped up…I think I’ll pass.  So I was glad to see this after we finally parked…

A welcomed sight...
A welcomed sight...
We made our way to the festival and found the LONG, yet quick moving line, for the fresh blueberries.  (I’ll post pick of blueberries later -they are lovely!). 
A kind man took our photo – Sammy already looks worn out from standing in line for the blueberries – he won’t be sad tomorrow when he has some with his cereal for breakfast!
We were glad to have our MeMe along with us!
We were glad to have our MeMe along with us!
I was blessed to run into a Mother’s League member I’ve missed seeing lately – Elizabeth.  What a joy to see her!  And I’m jealous, she is FROM Nacogodoches! 
We drove through the college campus – it has changed so much.  What a fun time that was for me attending college at SFA.  I hope to go back when we can walk through campus. 
The boys and I finished out our day in the back yard with the water slide.  The boys were excited I chose to join them in the pool part to cool off.  Tony had a successful day fishing with a buddy and is off to baseball security.  The kids are now asleep and I’m headed to bed to take in the last hour of  Lonesome Dove. 
Cooling off at the end of the day
Cooling off at the end of the day

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