Let the wild rumpus begin!

My kids dearly enjoy the book Where the Wild Things Are.   Some time ago when Saw Wayne was younger, I heard Sammy tell him “I’ll eat you up I love you so, Saw Wayne!”  So when the kids and I joined our ML group for the Lunch Bunch on Thursday at our local DQ, that is EXACTLY what that play room was like!  The Wild Rumpus had begun!  We had a great time and it was good to have intermittent conversations with my ML friends.

That afternoon, some sort of wild rumpus begin with my sinuses and Friday night I was in a full-blown sinus infection.  Sleeping (or not..) Friday night, I felt like a vice was on my head.  I am rarely, rarely, ever, ever sick.  Rarely. Ever.  But I have NEVER had a sinus headache like this one.  I could not find my “fun drops” that have a variety of homeopathic remedies the boys and I both use that are mixed by my dear Judy – who has no title, but essentially serves as our homeopathic/natural health practitioner.  But I couldn’t find my fun drops, which had helped one might with a minor sinus headache.  So until I found them, Father instructed me to put lavendar oil along my sinus cavities and then Arnica Cream on top of that.  This was SO HELPFUL.  SO HELPFUL.  Did I say it was SO HELPFUL?  I would wake up every 2 hours or less and do it again.  On one of those times, I was about to go to the car to check for my fun drops….and then decided to check the couch – and viola!  FUN DROPS!  So going to bed, I put one drop in my mouth every 5 minutes for 25 total minutes.  The next day after talking to Judy, I purchased some Nux Vomica and put that with Stramonium, which began to lessen the tension in my head – basically, my head began to relax.  Today I’ve added Ipecac, because yesterday evening I began coughing and weezing, with a tightness in my chest that is scarry when I try to lay down.  I’ve also tried a combo of 1 T. molasses, 1 T. Honey, squirt from 1/4 fresh lemon, pinch of chunk sea salt, and this helped as well until I could get to the Ipecac.  However, now I cannot find my Lavendar since Saturday morning.  Nowhere.  Looked everywhere.  Should have been sitting with my arnica cream – not there.   Bizarre.  He has a purpose, but I’d REALLY like my Lavendar back!

So to survive  thrive this evening with Tony gone to baseball security, I’m on the back patio these last 30 minutes before bedtime watching the boys play on the water slide.  My water bill should be quite interesting this month, but some things are necessary and worth paying for!


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