Sad Stones

We are all some sad Stones.  Our Chad, ET Pumpjacks baseball player, was injured early in the Friday night game.  Because of his injury, we knew it was possible that he would be leaving us.  And he is.  Tomorrow.  Fortunately his injury will heal in time to play in the fall.  But we are sad to lose our Chad.  It was a great leap of faith for me to have a player in our home since I’m a SAHM.  But he has been our prayer.  What I was afraid of getting was a baseball jock.  What we got was a nice young man.  God answered our prayer. 

So I’m off to bed to hopefully find some good rest and my happy face for in the morning.  My little boys are going to need a Momma with a good game tomorrow to work through their sadness.  They have considered him their Big Brother.  He has been so kind to them.

I’ve been sad for Chad regarding his injury and shared Jeremiah 29:11 with him this evening.  On the way home I was reminded of my fav scripture (mind has lost the address)…. that ALL things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose.  May God be glorified in the midst of our trials and sadness.