Velvet Ants and Lizards

Well, my last post was when our baseball player headed back to Oklahoma b/c of an injury.  We have moved on, but still speak fondly of “our Chad.”  It has made going to the baseball games not as important, but we still try to get there since Daddy is there doing security. 

I’ve been busy with all-things boys.  Our recent excursions to Elder Park (Kilgore) and our walk down the street to the pond has netted us some wonderful experiences with nature.  My favorite being the turtles and dragon flies.  However, Saturday I got to see the MOST HILARIOUS sight!  My Sammy chasing a lizard – Sammy finally won and caught him, but he gave such a good chase!  I have never seen a lizard run so fast!  Sammy had the pleasure of continuing our walk around Elder lake with him.  He tried to make a few escapes, but without success.  In fact, I could have sworn he was dead – but he was only playing “possum”, my guess, in hopes that Sammy would put him down.  He made it past the trail marker into the forest on our last leg of the trail.  Sammy was sad, but I assured him that Mr. Lizard would be quite content among the forest creatures.

Yesterday our neighbors came to play and the boys were ferouciously stepping on a huge black and red ant.  So last night I had plans for Sammy to try to draw his first nature experience as we talked about the many animals, creatures, or trees we’d talked about.  (Yesterday we took a good look at a 6 ft. pine tree and engaged our sight, touch and smell!).  So we decided to look up on the internet what the red and black ant was.  And to our delight we found out it is a Velvet ant, which, actually isn’t an ant at all, but a wingless wasp that can deal a mighty sting!  So I wrote down it’s name, scientific name and pertinent facts that Sammy was later able to answer questions about.  Then I set my computer on the table so he could look at it and try to draw it.  I could tell he didn’t know quite where to start, so I guided him through the parts of the “ant” and he did a splendid job!  When I figure out how to scan, I hope to post it.

This experience gave me much encouragement.  Despite the fact that the other day I had to “pull teeth” to get Sammy to recognize the letter S!!! 

I remember when I was at seminary that I had this “feeling” that I would some day do something great – beyond myself.  I thought perhaps it would come as I served as my church’s prayer ministry coordinator – a position I dearly enjoyed and whole-heartedly devoted myself to.  Yet, after leaving the position to come home to raise Sammy, I wondered if  I had achieved anything “special.” 

As Father  “side-swiped” me several months ago with the idea of homeschooling, I have embraced it.  Where there was a “wall”, I allowed Him to place a “door” for me to crack open and gently consider the possibility.  It has been a wonderful thought process.  Although my Love probably still thinks I’m crazy (his immediate response), he whole-heartedly supports me in this. 

So it dawned on me last night after doing some reading in A Pocketful of Pinecones.  After I’d gone to bed and was praying/thinking, I realized after my drawing experience with Sammy that he had my undivided attention.  He was in a classroom of 1:1.  Not 1:20.  This was exciting to me! 

I know full well it will not be easy.  But I am delighted at my Heavenly Father’s idea for me to homeschool.  When I sensed he was leading in this direction, I told my analytical self that it mattered not the pros and cons, although I have discussed, read and prayed about those things.  But what mattered was that I was obedient to whatever He was asking of me. 

I look forward to recording the journey.  And of soon introducing our “school mascot” and his name!

He tends his flock like shepherd

He gathers the lambs in his arms

And carries them close to his heart

He gently leads those that have young.

Isaiah 40:11