Moppin’ Monday

Earlier this year I laid out a schedule for me to get a few cleaning things done each day. This worked for a bit, but then somehow….somethin’ happened; I’m not so sure what. So then my house wasn’t getting cleaned. Really. Before family came over for whatever, I’d do a “I can live with this and not be embarassed cleaning.”

So I decided to press my Heavenly Father about the issue of mopping.  That’s right.  I talked to Him about WHEN to mop my kitchen floor.  It was beginning to get a second film on it.  When Chad was living with us I told him “If you’re gonna come to the kitchen table – be sure to wear your shoes!” 

So I offered up to him my schedule of cleaning, which I don’t think I had done.  “Father, when do we get to mop?  If I’m to go by my schedule, this just ain’t gettin’ done!”  Mopping was scheduled on Friday along with trash take-out.  Somehow, for the past SEVERAL months, I just don’t get around to moppin’ on Fridays.  Back in my work-away-from-home days, I considered Friday a day of play – even though I was still working!  I’ve carried that theory on into my work-at-home schedule.  Friday’s are for fun.  Isn’t that what “F” stands for?? 

So, He quickly answered – Mop on Monday.  Change sheets (which had been on Monday) on Friday.  That was  His answer.  That simple.  Really.

And it worked!  I got to mop last Monday and I am pumped about moppin’ again tomorrow!  And this time it won’t take me but a bit, since last Monday I had to do some prep work to get the really stuck-on stuff up.  Yes.  It was that bad.

But what was funny about last week, was that although my cleaning got done, I somehow didn’t start a load of clothes everyday.  So I was stuck this weekend (with a little help from husband – who had his own task of installing a new garbage disposal and cleaning up the nasty waterslide from all the rain we’d had) washing clothes and hope to be done and everything in it’s place by tomorrow morning. 

The other interesting thing about this whole cleaning issue has been my continued questioning of Father about when I get to do my household work AND homeschool.  How does that go together?  Well, I’m trustin’ Him to make it happen!


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