Growing and Going!

My sweet Sammy turned 5 in early July, during my blog rest.  Here are some wonderful photos of him since then.

Sammy riding his bike for 1st time at the park
Sammy riding his bike for 1st time at the park

Earlier this year we were offered a new-to-us bike without training wheels and I passed.  Guess I was having a brain freeze!  When he gets going strong on this one (which won’t be long), we’ll need another!

I was thinking about Sammy’s birthday party this year and how he melted since the family had come over after lunch on the following Sunday.  And how I wanted his 5th birthday to be perfect…and it wasn’t!  Then I remembered the melt-down I had at my 5 year old party when I couldn’t break the pinata open and my Mom had to take me inside the house for a talk!  So before Sammy’s BD, I had told Tony I thought a perfect gift from him would be a fishing pole and to take him on his first bank fish trip.  They ended up at a friends pond with Uncle Johnny – it couldn’t have been more perfect!  And he caught 5 fish!!  It was a great time for them all.

Sammy caught a fish!
Sammy caught a fish!

 At times I’ve referred to him as my refining fire!  I’m so grateful for the extra time with him as we homeschool so that I can know him better.  He is a delightful child and I thank the Lord for the blessing to be his Momma!


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