Reading block

Several weeks ago I perused some Christian fiction in the 1/2 price book store.  I had read Plain and Simple, a woman’s journey of her experience of living with the Amish.  I can appreciate their simple life.  SO, when I ran across Covenant  by Beverly Lewis in the book store, I thought I would continue my reading (this is fiction) about the Amish.  It was a slow start, but it does pick up!  So much so that when it ended I was quickly seeking out the library for the 2nd book – Betrayal – where it was checked out and a hold was placed by a 2nd person!  Fortunately our church library had it and I made a special trip from “Egypt to the Promised Land” just for it!

So now I’ve been ferouciously reading since this past Thursday.  But now I’ve got readers block.   I can almost not bring myself to continue reading for fear of what is about to happen to this courting couple!  I can see the train wreck ahead and I am “devistated!”  About like I was when I rented “Nights In Rodanthe” and could NOT BELIEVE the ending!  Just could not!  I don’t watch tear-jerker movies – but that one came out of nowhere! 

So here I am – it’s my reading time.  Do I dare?  There’s several books in this series, with the last title Revelation.  It better take care of the train wreck that’s about to happen!

**Update:  I DID take my time to read – and finished!  And I was right about the train wreck! UGH!  So impatient me looked up the remaining books in the series to read the synopsis!  I’ll be back up at the church library this week 🙂 

However, I must get back to my homeschool reading of Charlotte Mason, of which I’ve equally enjoyed as well in doses.  I simply must have a fiction book to escape to and sometimes the captivating ones are so hard to find!


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