First swim lessons

Tonight the boys and I had our first swim lessons ever!  And I’m rejoicing that Sammy did great without me with him!  I could just see the wailing begin…my Sammy has moments he is not happy to be without Mom.  In fact he tells me we can never live far apart when he is older!  So I introduced him to his swim teacher and proceeded to walk over to Saw Wayne’s group – without narry a tug on my swim suit!   While Sammy was in his group, I would occassionaly look that way – but not to often as to cause him to regress!

Saw Wayne was another story – actually, he was being himself.  I think in the deeper water he was frightened a bit.  We haven’t been in a pool together and when Tony took him out like an “alligator” into deeper water at Lake Gladewater, he reacted the same way.  But you never know when he’s going to finally crack a smile…and he did when he “practiced” jumping off the side of the pool to “get” his Momma!  This finally became a wonderful game for us – and he also began crawling back out of the pool like the instructor wanted them to learn.   He like “jump” so much, I almost sensed a small break down about to occur when we had to return to the shallow water for a game – but I gave the promise “We’ll be back tomorrow for more jumping!”  So tonight he was able to tell me his favorite part about swim lessons was blowing bubbles and “jump!” 

And boy, did that pool feel good on a hot day!


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