Saturday Night Special

We’ve had a relaxing day of light chores (outside mowing/pick-up, car clean-out). I’ve even been able to read a few more chapters of The Sacrifice today – the 3rd book in Abram’s Daughters.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling well, so I put Tony on cook-duty for fish. That was our last bag, so he is off to fish tomorrow after church. So tonight I chose to make chicken spaghetti which happens once in a blue moon. My Sammy kept having trouble playing with Saw (who was having trouble playing with Sammy…), so I made him come work with me in the kitchen. We set out our nice plates; in fact, big ones for everyone (no spiderman or monkey plates). Something Sammy said inspired me to pull our my white cotten napkins and place tea lights in the middle. We placed all our food in nice bowls and surprise dad (and the kids…) with a candlelight dinner. It was nice and relaxing….just the way I like it. We finished it off with mint chocolate chip ice-cream. Yum. Yum. was Saw Wayen’s reply.

Everyone was pleasantly pleased and relaxed (except for Saw who had his food taken away b/c he was playing…he’s a little off today.)

Now it’s time for outdoor time – Sammy wants to ride his bike down the side street and we are caring for our neighbors “near perfect” dog, Arlis. And there is still toy pick-up in the yard to do.

I like this Saturday. Perhaps we can end it with a little bit of the Anne of Green Gables sequel. Surprisingly, all three of my “men” enjoyed the first one!


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