School has begun!

Well, I’m still a little unsettled about the name of our academy, but it will have Squirrel in it.  In fact, Squirrley Stone Academy probably fits just right!  We have a mascot squirrel (stuffed animal – he looks so real!).  I have loved squirrels since attending SFA in Nacogdoches.  I can’t say I remember seeing a squirrel in Houston while growing up.  Our perhaps I didn’t notice them?  Anyhow, after reading about Squirrel Nutkin in Peter Rabbit, I was even more in love with squirrels!  And I think we Stone’s do fit the title!

So we started homeschool Monday.  Mom offered to keep Saw Wayne overnight Sunday so Sammy and I could have some time together, which was nice. 

His answer to my usual question “So, what did you like most about school today?”  “Nuthin’!” was his reply.  It’s not like it was new for us, as we’d been toying with school on and off during the summer.  But the day before he was already testing the waters to see who was in charge when he asked to put it off another day. 

Day 2 – we were working on number recognition and his success led him to blurt out “Momma, you’re the best teacher ever!” with a huge hug to go with it!  Whew! 

Day 3 & 4 – nothing memorable that I recall.  Other than my utter amazement that he can’t remember what certain numbers look like.  So we play a fun card game to help with that.  I recalled my previous fond memories of playing solitaire, so I’m looking forward to us being able to play – hopefully sooner than later! 

Our nature walk netted us a flower I still haven’t identified.  Today we are taking time to draw our Cicada shell and perhaps do a cutting assignment.  He does well spotting Pine Trees and can tell me what they produce and has become more sensitive to creatures.  However, SW gladly stomps on most crawly things he sees.

Friday we took a trip to the library and neeted us some great children’s books about Monet and Mozart, along with a biography. My greatest find was the book, 13 Artists Children Should Know.   I look forward to using this as we move through the 1st module suggested on Simply Charlotte Mason.  I’m still in the hunt for Classical Kids CD of Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage.  Our library has none of the classical kids CD’s (why not???) so I have to submit a request for an interlibrary loan.

Also, our friends had returned from Balitmore this week and gave the boys souvenoir coins with this White House on them.  While shuffling through DVD’s at the library, Sammy pulls out a DVD about goverment (for children) b/c he recognized the photo. 

Our week was frought with interruptions.  Nothing bad or serious (well, except for one behavior issue).  But my friend Judy who I knew not had been in education said that was no different in public school where interruptions abound.  So we are trying to start on time, but sometimes life happens.  We didn’t get everything accomplished I had hoped, and it looks like I might need to revamp our reading out loud, or something in that.  We just didn’t get to alot of that and so it may need to be spread over more days.  Learning as I go.

Our first bible story was about God creating so that lead right in to our first Science assignment about what God created on each day.  We are taking this slowly.

So I’m choosing to relax.  RELAX.  Really.  Relax.  I would say we’ve had fun this week.  And it definately keeps me pointed to Father looking to Him.  Oh, and Father does have a sense of humor, which I’ve known for some time now, and have often felt the brunt of his loving humor.  Saw Wayne is ready to potty train at 2 1/2.  After my frustration of SW taking his diaper off to tee-tee for several weeks and going back and forth between diapers and underwear, I FINALLY submitted my request to Father – “When would you like me to potty train SW?”  Hoping of course, he would reply “WAIT.”  But no.  I couldn’t have received a better “memo” from Him – it was bold and in caps – NOW!  Really?  The first week of serious homeschool?  Oh, yeah.  And you know what?  Father was right.  He’s done beautifully with only 1 or 2 tee-tee accidents.  And giggling all the way through pooing in the potty.  Glad I chose to believe I had heard right!


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