Even when I’ve heard right…things don’t go smoothe

Yes.  For years I have “heard” Father speak to me.  Sometimes I have misheard  – which is a part of the process of returning to Him.  Sin keeps me returning to Him needing grace, mercy and forgiveness.  My weaknesses keep me returning to Him so I can beseach Him for HIS strength.  Fleshly fear keeps me returning to Him so I can find spiritual fear (this is new…and amazingly interesting). 

If He guided Noah, giving Him specific instructions to build the Ark so that His family could be saved, He will do no less for me.  And in Matthew, He gives Joseph specific instructions for preserving the life of Christ when He was in danger.  He will do no less for me as He instructs me (the parent) regarding my children. 

So the farmers cheese I made a few weeks ago turned out like…feta cheese consistency.  Wierd.  But good.  Amazingly good.  Really.  Pour some maple syrup on it and you have no choice but to like it.  Even with just a bit of celtic sea salt added, it tastes great.  So I’m acknowledging that I accepted Father’s instructions to set the burner on 2 (which normally, I would have on low).  He wanted us to experience something new in cheese making.

Tonight I tried my hand at homemade yogurt.  We’ll see how it turns out here in about an hour, or sometime around 4:30am. 

And I see fresh baked bread on the horizon.  Perhaps as a morning project for Sammy and I, or perhaps within the next 30 minutes I’ll drag the bread maker from it’s perch on the upright freezer and throw it together for morning toast with the feta cheese goo and some apples.  And since I don’t have any honey or maple syrup left (shopping day is Tuesday!), we’re going to throw some organic grape jelly off into it and see what happens.  It sounds yummy!

The other thing I heard Father right about was potty training.  But not so smoothe this weekend.  Saw Wayne came down with the frightful cough early Saturday morning; wheezing; snot.  Yuck.  Poor kid.  So Saturday we had some poo in the underwear issues that made me switch into survival mode (diaper on the hiney) when we went to the Guns and Hoses benefit game Saturday night.  I chalked it up to not feeling well.  Mercy.  Grace.  Understanding.  We all need it!  Today has been better – no tee-tee incidents, even when we were at Walmart taking a tour of the firetruck outside and I could tell he was about to do a jig cause he had to pee!  Poo’d in the potty before bed tonight, but then poo’d in his diaper right after that!  I’m really ready to be out of diapers!  We are still doing diapers at night at least for the next week.  And if I ever get Sammy out of night diapers, I will do a jig and sing!

So, all that to say, just ’cause I hear Father right, doesn’t mean it’s smoothe sailing for me.  The rough waters, the blunders, the missteps, my arguing with Him, all lead back to Him.  And I’m so glad. 

Before my feet hit the floor most mornings I remind Him of my need of Him.  And if I perhaps forget to inform Him, I’m reminded not too long afterwards! 

He is my constant companion.  My all in all.  There is none like Him.


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