Food…and then some

This morning my house smells of freshly baked bread.  I removed the contraption from the top of the upright freezer at 12:30am so we could have fresh baked bread this AM.  Yum.  I hadn’t made bread in a while AND I couldn’t find my Honey bread recipe I was using AND I was out of honey, SO I made Buttermilk Wheat Bread since my bit of buttermilk left was about to expire.  I also didn’t have 2 2/3 c. of wheat flour, so I switched the amount of wheat and bread flour.  This shouldn’t be a problem…I hope! 

I checked on the yogurt before heading to bed and it was still a little liquidy, so when I woke up at 4 something, I went and checked and believed it to be ready to refrigerate.  Maybe we’ll try it this AM with our fresh bread.

I’ve been inspired to get in the kitchen by this blog, which is why I was up till way past 1am this morning.  It  is where I found the oh-so-simple homemade yogurt recipe, which was actully through this blog, which is one of my fav blogs to read.  I was inspired by her frugal cooking to drag out the few lentils and beans remaining in a baggie and toss them into the water for overnight soak.  They will be used today to make some homemade soup for lunch to include leftover green beans, leftover pasta, along with cauliflower and squash that needs to be eaten.  That should clean out the fridge of unused veggies before I shop tomorrow.  Oh, and I’ll add the 3 green onions left and throw in some garlic.  Oh, and some thawed soy meat that needs to be eaten – that will be a treat!   And we’ll probably have some fresh bread with it  – or I’ll do the corn-muffin mix.  That sure does sound tastey – and surprisingly, my boys highly enjoy my fresh veggie soup.  We no longer by canned soup; well, unless the “girl soup” (Disney princess characters) catches Sammy’s eye when we’re shopping.  My neighbor has solution to cream soups that she used in my chicken spaghetti recipe, and it taseted great.  So I need to find out what that is.  I also tried a great homemade tomato soup recipe last year that is worth trying again since everyone liked it.  In the winter we like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches – my fav easy dinner for Sunday night.  Well, enough about soup.

Something I also learned this weekend:  do not machine wash cheese cloth.  I normally have followed Father’s instructions for cleaning my cheese cloth (see previous days blog entry about hearing..and not).   After making my farmers cheese, I put it in a cereal bowl with water, swishing around a bit to loosen remaining cheese; let it sit a bit, especially if a get interrupted, which I do.  Then I wash it out, running water over it and seeing the remaining cheese disappear.  Then I return it to the bowl with more warm water and a drop or two of dish soap, swish around and let sit a bit since I get interrupted.  That’s where this all went wrong.  I left it too long – turing a little pinkish, so I thought “Hey, just toss it in the washer!”  So when buying cheesecloth yesterday, nowhere on the package does it tell you how to wash the dern thing.  Yet, thanks to Father, I know how – when I choose to listen!  BTW, even though He didn’t redeem my machine washed cheese cloth, He DID redeem my Pampered Chef stoneware with a bit of hot water and baking soda.  Cheese cloth is $2.99 – stoneware, I’m sure is up around $30 to $40. 

And speaking of cheese, we are quite fond of the Farmer’s Cheese (also known as Tvorog)  that I’ve learned to make from this post.  I add honey or real organic maple syrup for flavoring.  I’ve also used it in place of sour cream.  And then I’ve put it bit alongside a plate of toasted bread, apple slices – when I’ve done this, I’ve sprinkled a bit of chunk celtic sea salt on it.  That’s what I haven’t learned – how to salt it entirely.  I’ve also used it that I can remember in my tuna casserole.  Try it! You might like it!  I think a lot of the pleasure comes from making it. 

Well, I had the blessing of raising the windows this AM for some fresh air – and along with that came the beautiful sound of hearing the rain coming…that was quite neat!  Boys are still asleep as they were up late.  That is the only reason I’m on the computer after having had my 2 c. of coffee!  It is time to begin the day!


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