Snack gone awry

Well, the baked bread was great this morning – except Saw Wayne didn’t eat his.  The yogurt was yummy with organic grape jam – me and Sam ate ours up with our bread, but again, Saw Wayne passed.  Which is fine since he’s got snot and milk products not so good for snot issues. 

So when snack time rolled around, he was serious about saying “nack” several times to  make sure I knew he was lookin’ for some food!  To which my reply was he should have eaten his breakfast!  Sometimes I get stumped by snack time – and would rather pass it all together.  I don’t keep a lot of snack bread/cracker stuff around – b/c I would eat it! 

So I sent the boys outside while I took a breather and contemplated what on earth we were going to have for snack???  1 apple.  A few grapes.  3 bananas.   Bananas.  That’s it – I’ll put some unsweetened carob chips in a pan with a bit of corn syrup (for sweetener) and some butter and then dip them in these small nuts dear Judy had passed me. 

Well, carob doesn’t quite melt like baking chocolate.  So we had 1/2 banana on a popcicle stick with chocolate goo a la nuts.  Worth a try.  The carob/nuts combined with the banana was yummy – but not so much alone. 

So, here’s a recipe for Chocolate dipped bananas from Recipezaar….they never let me down!  This sounds like a good snack to re-try.  I sure do wish someone would put bananas on sale – we are either eating them or not.  We are in one of those “eating them” times.


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