Has anyone seen my patience?

I know a gal named Patience.  I’m now wondering what was going through that Mom’s mind when she named her….

When T and I decided I would leave the workforce to come home to raise our Sammy, a friend of mine who already had 2 boys said of our decision “Oh, I could never do that!  I don’t have the patience!”

Stopping by a homeschooling friend’s house (also a mom of 2 boys…I’m noticing a pattern) some time ago, I noticed she looked rather frazzeled and her sweet giggle was missing….

This is where I am today – looking for my patience.  And sadly, I think I’m the biggest part of the problem!  I’ve gone to bed way past my bedtime for at least 3 nights in a row – which means I haven’t woke up on time.   I’ve had no nap the past 2 day.  My house is in disaray.  And yet, school must carry on. 

So here I am, needing to go fix us some lunch and needing just a few minutes to escape…and search for my happy face that’s somewhere with my patience!

It’s going to be ok.  I knew this would be a process.  If my head was in the clouds, it’s out this week.  Tomorrow is another day of no school b/c of ML membership brunch.  I think I’ll offer up ANOTHER prayer for God’s wisdom and request for peace in the midst of interruptions and ETC.


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