Now, where were we?

This is how I felt today.  Tuesday pay-day is big shopping day.  And today I had a list made out and plans to head out early so we could get home b/f lunch and still have some time for school.  This did not happen.  Me and the boys woke up at the same time – 8am.  Late start according to my plan.  And I wake up so much nicer when I’ve had some time with my God and my coffee – ALONE.

Speaking of alone.  I watched the movie The Soloist last night.  Interesting.  Sad.  Sensitive.  Thought provoking.  But there was a scene when the journalist (Robert Downey, Jr.) was alone in his apartment lightly dancing to (what I belive I heard) was Neil Diamond singing Mr. Bonjangels.  I was watching the movie alone, as T has the bank this week and rises early, and the boys were asleep.  Seeing that scene reminded me of my need and often times desire to be alone.  Like – no one else in the house.  Not for just a few minutes, but like at least a few hours.  And sometimes in the midst of a challenging day (or more…) I think how much easier my life would be alone.  Being a wife and parent takes work – and I haven’t always wanted to work so hard!  Anyhow, seeing that scene gave me a reflection of what my life would be like without my family.  And I thanked God He had not given me what I sometimes long for  and that He had indeed blessed me with a great gift in my Love and two precious, funny and energetic boys!

Well, now.  Where was I?  So, it took forever to get out the door today for shopping – like, we didn’t leave until about the time I had planned on us returning!  Agh!  Several things kept delaying us – just life.   But I did manage to put my beans in the crockpot and cook the spanish rice during this time to go with the pleasant surprise of chicken tamales from one of T’s co-workers.  So tonight’s meal was warmed up and ate up!  Bless me with leftovers to send T for his lunch!  Usually I’ve been pooped from shopping and we have oft dined on pizza or Tuesday Sonic burgers.  Tonight’s dinner was a gift indeed!

I was going to complain about shopping with my boys.  But I’m too tired and it’s water under the bridge.  Let’s just chalk it up to grocery shopping during nap time.  I believe that says it all.  At one point I looked at Sammy (after having to correct him for the upteenth time) and thought, “If I enrolled you in school, I could have an easier go at this…”  Fleeting thought.  So although we didn’t get any school done today (which wasn’t my expectation anyway), I did talk with him about my list and budget and needing to cut back on extra  unecessary stuff. 

I’ve been two days without a nap.  I am so looking forward to tomorrow when I will have one!  I’ve veged out to TV and gained some energy to put my kitchen in order.  The thought of schooling tomorrow morning AND waking up to a kitchen disaster was not appealing. 

Sammy said the funniest thing today – He was playing with his pet rock we made last year and pondering what he should name him.  He came up with “Rockie!” I died laughing!

I feel the need to read about 3 pages of the 4th book in the Abram’s daughters series.  This book has been slow going.

Tomorrow I shall hopefully report on good-school effort, a better smelling bathroom, fruit wash, and a crock-pot spaghetti sauce I’m cookin’ up tomorrow.


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