Worshipping with one eye open

This was me today in worship. My Sammy is now in worship with us.  I can’t say that I’ve been ready for this day, but it is here.  Today was actually his 2nd time in a row to be in worship.  For some time I’ve enjoyed the joy of closing my eyes while singing worship songs – this keeps any distractions out and for me, helps me to visualize the One I’m singing for, to and because of.  It helps me to internalize the Truth of the words I’m singing, so that they become more than words. 

But with my Sam beside us, now I’ve got one eye open…knowing he’s capable of catching Mom not looking, and deciding to perhaps…crawl over the pew, run down to the front and tell the worship leader the music is too loud for him, draw on the pew, get into my purse and eat ALL of our favorite mints for church.  I’m sure there are others.  It keeps things interesting and me laughing (most of the time).

But as we talked about how pleased we were with his behavior in worship today, we talked about how glad Mom and Dad were to have him there – to worship God as a family.  And we talked about looking forward to the day when Saw Wayne was with us as well.  What a blessing to worship together.


His funny the other day:  “Mom, when I go to be with Jesus, can I still talk when I’m in the dirt (buried)?” 

I love that kid.


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