Praying with one eye open!

Funny, I was thinking about my last blog post today (Worshipping with one eye open!) while in church – not realizing it was the last post I’d made!  But today I was laughing as Tony went to take my hand during the last prayer and I was laughing (quietly, of course) and praying with eyes open as Sammy was slipping into the isle…ready to GO!   Pastor Glynn is a wonderful man of God and preacher/teacher of God’s Word, yet I find myself wishing he would get on with it so that church is over!  This, of course, is only due to the movability of my son!  Today I was telling the Lord while in church that I felt like a black momma cat with it’s back arched and claws dug in – and I wanted to be that fluffy gray kitty with brown spots all curled up and comfy. 

I WAS grateful for the portion of Pastor’s message that I heard (with my ears consciously, Thanking Father in advance for whatever portion I “missed” would make it to His Spirit living in me).  It was on coveting.  I appreciate the opportunity to take that back to Father for His examination in my heart.  We are in the process of decluttering again as it seems the walls are closing in (and there’s not even a Christmas tree up yet!).  I have experienced Father’s gifts of things needed…and even wanted.  And when I see His hand bring a gift – oh, the joy!  And then His joy b/c of MY joy over His gift!  So, I ushered to Him all that is in my living room (even my dresser and coffee table, hand-made by my great-grandpaw Roberts and my grandmother’s small library table – one of her first pieces of furniture).  Everything is HIS.  So declaring He may take out and put in whatever HE wants!  And wondering if I should read up on Feng Shui! 🙂

And speaking of bringing in – He brought in some cool curtain panels for our bedroom that I’m anxious to tea stain and hang this week!  And needing to google if 100% polyester will tea stain!

Yesterday we sang a song by Chris Tomlin “I Will Rise.”  One of the fav part of the lyrics is “I will rise when He calls my Name” – I know this full  well, as well as I know my name, He WILL call my name one day and I WILL see Him face to face.  It IS well with my soul.



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