The night before I got to stay up WAY later than I like to. It was a wonderful time of chillin’ out since after waking up from our Sunday nap I’d been going nearly full-speed to accomplish some things. Only some things. I’m decluttering a little here – a little there. Which reminds me, I need to post our furniture in our newpaper and on Craigslist. That may sound like major decluttering…but I’m at least keeping one chair (so far…) and a friend is loaning us (for a few years till they build) a leather chair with ottoman – can’t wait for that piece!

Anyhow! So Sunday night I spent time really cleaning up my kitchen that was a total wreck (and we ate Sunday dinner out…) and actually enjoying it. I also read 2 chapters in The Secret (Beverly Lewis, Seasons of Grace book 1). And then I got to write 3 notes that needed to be written.

The first note was to my Momma. Sadly, I have to look up her address b/c that’s how rare I send her mail. But she does just live down the road…is that ok? Anyhow. In Sunday worship as our choir was singing a lovely version of “Jesus Paid It All”, tears were streaming down my face (and my hankies were not with me – more on my special hankies later) and all I could continue to utter to my Heavenly Father was “Thank you.”

Most of my growing up years it was just me and Mom. She and my dad had divorced when I was two; he was an alcoholic and was rarely a part of my life, until eventually not at all. She remarried a wonderfull, much older man that had been a part of her life since before I was born. He is who I refer to as Dad (passed away when I was in college from recurring cancer). They divorced when I was 13. All that to say, she was single mom most of the time. And considering who I am today, I think she and my Heavenly Father did a wonderful job!

So as I sat with my Love and my Sammy in worship Sunday morning, my heart was full of gratitude for a Mom who thought it was important to get us to church. During my early years she was also a Sunday school teacher for toddlers and I can still see the classroom table in my mind and a sweet smile on her face as she taught. Funny, thinking about it. Someday I hope to teach the two years olds – inspired by my Mom and Mrs. Clay, who has taught both my boys to “read from the bible.”

My faith is of such value to me that I have not words to express it. He is my ALL in ALL. And I’m so grateful for the grace given to me to believe in Him. My faith in Him is the only thing I will take from this world when I see Him face to face. So blessed was I to pen a note to my Mom, thanking her for listening to Him by taking us to church so that my foundation of faith could begin that way. She thinks I could be a pastor (which is hillarious, considering I’m Baptist and women are not in the pulpit!) What would have happened to me if I had not had that foundation in my early years to build upon?? And although I strayed from Him in college, there came a point when I began to hear Him calling me back to Him and I said “YES!” I haven’t looked back since.

The other two notes were to two of our ministers at church – a dear friend being promoted to Sr. Associate Pastor and the other moving from Youth Pastor to Develop Pastor. These are great men of God and our family was so delighted to rejoice in Father’s leading in their lives. We are blessed to belong to a wonderful church family with a staff that is….Father listener’s. Grateful for those men who faithfully serve.

B/c I missed the mail man yesterday I got to hand-deliver Mom’s letter as she kept the boys last night while the hubs and I shopped. I could tell it meant a lot to her. “Her children arise and call her blessed.”

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